2 New Players For Valour Who Look Very Promising

Hi everyone Jack here, and today I'm writing about 2 new players that have performed well in these first two games of the Kickoff and showed up for Valour big time! Rob Gale has to be happy about the performance of these two players after their performance in the first two games of the new 2021 CPL Season.

Jonathan Sirios

The first player that I will be talking about is none other than Jonathan Sirios. Jonathan has played in both games and has had to make many saves. Some relatively easy, but a handful were some really impressive saves, but through it all, in 180 minutes he has kept balls from crossing his goal line.

Now I do want to mention the defenders in front of him have also done very well but as Andrew-Batiste said in the press room after the game against HFX Wanderers, Jonathan has really stepped up a lot of times for the team.

Jonathan has made a ton of saves that have been extremely influential in Valour’s full-time scores. “The more the saves came, the more confident I got,” said the young keeper. Jonathan then continued to say that he came to Valour to get playing time, “I am getting that and loving every second of it.”

The other player who could be a real difference maker for Valour FC is William Akio! 

William Akio

Now if you guys have been following CPLFever for a while you know that we actually interviewed William long before he was ever a pro player, when he was still playing at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and when his YouTube Channel only had a few thousand subscribers.

Willie Akio scores his first pro goal with an amazing celebration.

We actually got the chance to interview him again just before the start of the Kickoff in Winnipeg. We will be putting that up in the next day or so. In that interview we discussed what it has been like preparing for this season, what some of his goals for the season are and more.

One trait that I really like about William is that he is a very fast striker, but he is a strong player too, and his finishing is excellent! I think William can become someone Valour really depends on to get goals for them.

What I find really impressive about him is that he has been on the field only 36 minutes in two appearances and he has already scored his first pro goal! That is not even one whole half!

William is an awesome guy who is very inspirational, kind, and just awesome to be around. I‘m just really happy for him that he has got his first professional goal. He deserves all his successes, and I can’t wait to see Willy smash some more into the back of the net.

With that I will be signing off, but I can not wait to see this Valour squad back in action!

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