My Top 7 Best Soccer Games Online

Hi guys, it's Jack here. as you guys know I love soccer. I love playing soccer, I love watching soccer, I love talking about soccer, and another thing that I love is playing online soccer games.

After a 3 hour soccer practice (I play 6 days a week), once you eat and take a shower, it's nice to relax and play a soccer game on the iPad. So in this carefully curated blog post I have chosen 7 of my all-time favourite soccer games that you can play online. All of these games I have played and tested myself. I find them incredibly fun, helps me relax and of course, anything soccer related is right up my alley!

Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer is one of my favourite soccer games of all time. I have been Playing Dream League Soccer for a couple of years now and I love it.

One of the things that I love about Dream League Soccer is that you start out with a bad team, and one star player. As the manager you have to buy better players and make smart decisions, so you can compete in your league and hopefully get promoted.

One of my favourite features of Dream League that I touched on in the above paragraph is your “star player.” In the beginning stages of the game you have to build your team around your star player. It's fun to be the underdogs and then start to build up a better team as you face tougher competition.

Recently I found this great site for free to play games, called has over 150 games and 67 different categories of games. The best part – they are free to play!

In the image below, you can check out the various categories they have for you to choose from or if you already know what game you want to play, you can do a quick search in their search box.

What's great for me, is that they even have a soccer category with some fantastic arcade-style soccer games. Some of my favourites have been Footgolf Evolution Game, Funny Soccer, Pong Soccer Game, and Soccer Pinball 3 which I talk a bit about below.

Footgolf Evolution Game

Footgolf Evolution Game is a fantastic game, and it's really fun!

You have to aim a soccer ball to get it into the hole like golf. You are trying to get the soccer ball in the hole with less shots than the par number of that particular level. Similar to golf, there are obstacles like sandpits, spinning wheels made of spikes, and turbo patches that lead you to the spinning wheels of spikes to pop your soccer ball.

It can get pretty crazy.

Funny Soccer

Funny Soccer is a really fun game where you choose a country to represent. What's cool is that your avatar changes with each country. You then face a different country and compete against one another. With each round you you must get the ball into the other team’s goal before the time runs out. To score a goal, you can kick the ball or head the ball behind the opposing countries player and into the net. It's a fun one-on-one game.

What I love about this game in particular is that with the country theme, it resembles the World Cup.

Pong Soccer Game

This soccer-themed Pong game is one of my favourites on this website and actually I this game is the most relaxing of all the 7 soccer-themed games that I mention in this blog post.

Now, Pong Soccer Game and Pong have lots of similarities as the name of the game would suggest.

The first player to score 5 goals wins the match. There are two levels of difficulty: normal and hard.

When you are playing you can bounce it off the walls to go into the net. Though one thing that you have to be aware of is that the paddles are a little slow and since the ball moves fast you have to anticipate where the ball will be or you will lose the battle swiftly.

Soccer Pinball 3

Soccer Pinball 3 resembles two games in particular: foosball and pinball.

You come in as the second player, after the first player has already scored 3 goals. You have four players and a pinball field right in the middle of the field, and you have only 6 chances to score more than three goals to win the match. So be careful not to waste your chances.

One thing that you can try to do that is a little challenging is to try to score a goal by bouncing it off the keeper.

What's really fun about the game is the sound effects – if you love hearing soccer fans chant, you'll enjoy the sounds effects in this game!

FIFA 2021

FIFA 21 is not an iPad or iPhone game, I play it on the Xbox. In my opinion, it is one of the most popular soccer games out there despite a lot of players online complaining about it.

I love playing FIFA Ultimate Team and I have a pretty good Ultimate Team, if I do say so myself. This is a picture of my personal team of guys that I really enjoy playing with.

This is my starting line up in Fifa Ultimate Team. This is the team I play with when I just want to have some fun!

In nets, I have Jan Oblak! In my opinion only Ter Stegen can compete with Oblak in Ultimate team.

My three defenders consist of Sergio Ramos, Carlos Puyol, and Sergino Dest. Ramos and Puyol are just beasts in defense. I picked Dest because he was so fast. In my opinion, when you are playing three at the back it is a very good idea to put a fullback as one of the side center backs so you can have that speed in defense. (Dest actually just got a red card the game before I took a picture of my squad🤦‍♂️)

In the midfield, I have Diogo Jota and Portu in the wing positions!

In center mid, I have Ruben Neves. His passing is incredible, really is phenomenal in games. He threads the passes incredibly well. My other center-mid is actually a CDM; I have Capa there. I find this Capa amazing. I think he breaks up the other teams attacking play so well. The other reason I have a CDM is because I'm a very bad defender in this game, so it is very important that I have a CDM in my starting lineup!

In my CAM role, one of the most important roles is George Honeyman. I first learned of Honeyman watching the Netflix series, “Sunderland Til I Die”, which is a great soccer documentary. The CAM is the guy that I cut it back to at the top of the box so a good CAM is a player who is able to make the pass but also to take the shot. This Honeyman card is one that I love to use. For me a bonus to this card is the pace: Honeyman's pace is 88.

My strikers are Huntelaar and Benzema! Both are goalscoring machines! Most times I play both of them score! They are phenomenal.

Score Hero

Lastly, Score Hero is one of the most tactical soccer games out there. You dribble, pass and play with your team to try and score goals to win.

After each pass, the play advances and you keep the ball or lost it to a defender. It really comes down to your decision making if you play a bad pass you lose the ball, if you take a bad shot you lose the ball. So you have to be careful where you play it. Though when you score, it's great fun because you are the Hero.

Final Thoughts

So those were my top 7 soccer games that I have played. If you like soccer as much as I do, and like gaming, then definitely check them out.

These games are a lot of fun, and is just a nice way to pass a relaxed day at home. Whether you play on an xbox, ps4, ipad or online, these games are great. Now if you don't have a gaming console, check out – there is a ton of variety and gaming categories (not just soccer) and with the arcade-style games, they are the easiest place to get started playing some online soccer games!

Happy playing!

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