About Jack Murray

My name is Jack Murray i'm a eleven year old boy.

Soccer is my favourite thing in the whole world, nothing can compare. I have been playing soccer since I was a one year old, Soccer is my passion.

A cool fact about me is that I have turf in my basement.

I love soccer very much, though I have had my share of injury, 2 years ago I pulled my hamstring in a soccer game, and as a reuslt I was out for 8 weeks.

Next I fractured my patella, your patella is your kneecap a little peice of the bone came off, it could have been much worse though. If you want to know a bit more about that injury check out this video on my youtube below.


If that was not enough then I got a conncussion also from soccer. I was out for 3 months. So I have had my injurys.

Something that I also have had, is absolutely amazing experiences. I've done some incredible things, i'am so grateful that I got to learn from former professional soccer player Eddie Johnson he was on the American National Team. he trains you really hard, sometimes for 7 hours a day. I like the long training though.

A diffrent trainer told me I was ready to go to Europe to play soccer, and I had signed up for an Ajax camp, it was one week long but I could not go because I had fracutred my patella. 😢

I also can not believe how lucky I'am to be a ballboy for the Wanderers. It is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me, and I love it. I try to be the best ballboy that I can. This is a little secret i'm going to tell, you one of my parts of being a ballboy is waiting for the game to start you can feel the excitement in the air. I love feeling the excitement in the air, and waiting for my duty to start.

The ballboys call me “Snack Jack,” because I always bring snacks for my friends there.

I do a lot of soccer but I do other things as well about once or twice a month I do archery for fun. I love hitting the bullsye!

I also do ballroom dancing, I have done 4 shows one of them was at the Bedford days, a celebration that happens once a year in the mall.

So now that you know about me, I want to know a bit about you, tell me about you in the comments.

See you later CPL fevers.

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