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Hi Everyone! It's Jack here…

The PEI Island Games is soon upon us and I cannot wait!

Today I am extremely honoured to be releasing this interview because not only can I not wait to see him play in the Island Games but it was an absolute privilege for me to interview none other than Atletico Ottawa's, Ben Fisk.

Let me start by saying, Ben Fisk is one of my favourite players.

I've watched his career and followed him closely as he played in the Canadian Premier League.

This year, he changed teams from Pacific FC to the new expansion team Atletico Ottawa and he was the very first signing for Ottawa – which speaks to his leadership and technical ability.

Ben has such a great story and not only has his football career been fantastic (and one that I hope to emulate) but his football career has taken him to some beautiful places in the world where he's been able to live, experience, and soak in the culture.

As an Irish citizen myself, I was very interested in his time playing in Ireland with the Candy Stripes. And as a fan of Spanish football, I loved hearing about his time in Spain, and playing with teammate Luis Alberto who now plays in Seria A. Not only does his current team, Atletico Ottawa has a strong Spanish connection with the parent club, Atletico Madrid and Mista, the coach but I was really impressed at how Ben became fluent in Spanish to help his career (some of you know I have been learning Spanish for the last year for the very same reason!)

During the conversation, we covered many things…

We covered his upbringing, his career abroad, his Nova Scotian connection, and even his dog Vigo (he's so cute!) but I think one of my biggest takeaways from talking with Ben is this:

  • He is extremely positive.
  • He has an incredible attitude and a very strong belief that he can succeed.
  • He has the mindset of a winner, a competitor, and a top athlete.
  • He also said that he worked hard and always game back to the game that he loved, there are no shortcuts.

One thing he said early in the interview is that his parents taught him, “Don't worry about the problem, just worry about the solution…” – This is something I have been taught since I was really young and I loved hearing that Ben believes and lives the same thing.

This is an interview not to be missed. Ben is giving and insightful with his answers and his story is one of dedication and resilience.

He is somebody who young players should watch and learn from, I know I will!

Be sure to watch the interview and for those of you who prefer to listen, check out the podcast version on the site!

Below is a timestamp of the Benjamin Fisk interview. To view the clickable timestamp, click through to YouTube.

Ben Fisk Interview Timestamp:

00:00:27 How did you fall in love with soccer?
00:01:13 When did you think you were good enough to go pro?
00:02:44 You have a lot of talent, but what do you think separated you from your other talented peers?
00:04:47 When did you start working on your left foot?
00:06:10 So you worked on some of these skills outside of organized soccer?
00:07:08 What is the biggest strength in your game?
00:08:27 Do you think the Canadian soccer system focus enough on technique
00:10:09 What drew you to Ottawa?
00:10:53 How was the onboarding process with Atletico Ottawa?
00:12:49 Can you tell us about going to Madrid for pre-season?
00:13:59 Will Atletico Madrid win the Champions League final?
00:15:28. Can you tell us about Fernando Lopez?
00:16:42. Can you tell us how you learned to speak Spanish?
00:18:52 Tell us about your time in Spain?
00:22:49 How did you step into the leadership role?
00:24:31 How did you end up in Derry City and how is that different from Spain?
00:26:24 Can you tell us about winning the League Cup and playing in the Europa League?
00:28:38 How does the level of play compare to Ireland and the CPL?
00:30:07 Were you a little hesitant to join the CPL in the inaugural year?
00:31:32 Where did you like playing better, Spain or Ireland?
00:33:29 Do you follow a special diet while you're in season?
00:34:16 You have a Nova Scotia connection, can you tell us about that?
00:35:41 Can you tell me about your dog?
00:36:52 What advice can you give young players who want to go pro?

Jack’s Rapid Fire Questions:

00:38:25 Do you play FIFA?
00:39:02 Favourite fruit?
00:39:26 Do you have a nickname?
00:39:49 What is one superpower you’d like to have?
00:40:09 What is your favourite thing to cook?
00:40:44 Favourite movie?
00:41:08 Favourite board game?
00:41:33 Favourite soccer movie or documentary?
00:42:48 What is your zodiac sun sign?
00:43:11 What do you think about the nickname “Ottleti”?
00:43:53 What do you think of the nickname the candy stripes?
00:44:51 What are 3 words to define you?
00:45:04 What are your goals for the future?

Catch the audio version of the Ben Fisk interview on Anchor

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