Cavalry’s Attacking Depth

It’s official! I have finally done my first post game press conference of the 2021 season with Cavalry’s gaffer Tommy Wheeldon Jr.

On June 27th, after his win against York United, I asked Tommy about some of his attacking players. I wanted to know what he thought about their performances, specifically Jose Escalante and Sergio Camargo and how much of a difference they make to this Cavalry squad. After hearing what he told me, I decided to write an article about Cavalry's attacking depth ahead of Cavalry's next match.

Tommy said that “what is scary” is that Jose Escalante and Sergio Camargo both are not fully fit yet. Once they are fully fit, the pair will be a force to be reckoned with.

Later on, he started to talk about the rest of the depth he has in attacking positions that he did not use in the game against York United. He mentioned he still has four key attackers that he did not put on the pitch today; those players being Oliver Minatel, Ali Musse, Jose Hernandez and Joe Mason!

tommy wheeldon jr

Tommy also has Richard Luca, Selemani, Anthony Novak, Escalante, and Camargo who did play against York United.

If I was Tommy Wheeldon Jr., I would be very happy with the quality in those attacking positions. There are so many ways for Cavalry to attack and line up. It gives Tommy the freedom to rest players for certain games and play others. That means that Tommy will be able to have different top quality attacking lines.

Later on in the season when all or most of Cavalry’s players are at full match fitness and injury free it will provide Tommy a good problem to have with so many top quality players at his disposal.

Joe Mason played at Molineux Stadium, when Wolves were in the Championship and he was able to score goals at that level! Now for me, I might be slightly over the moon that a player who played for Wolves, (my favourite team) is now playing in the Canadian Premier League for one of the most entertaining teams to watch! I am very excited about this player if you have not yet noticed!

Mason has represented Ireland at youth levels such as Under 13, Under 19, and Under 21. Even though he has not made an appearance for Ireland’s senior squad you have to have some kind of talent and ability to make those two latter teams in Ireland football.

Then you have attacking talent that have already established themselves in the CPL, like Escalante, Camargo, and Minatel!

All three of them have shown that they can score, assist, and create chances. Between the three of them they have made 71 apps and they have scored more than 17 goals – and that tally does not include assists or chances created by those players.

Then you have a big strong target player in Anthony Novak. Novak can hold up the ball, he is good in the air, he is a very good finisher, plus he is very aggressive and powerful.

Something that is amazing about Novak is he scores in so many different ways. He can score in the air, he is capable of getting the ball in a target man position and turning, or laying it off and getting it back in a position where he can score. If that is not awesome enough, Novak’s shot is deadly! Novak is definitely a very sharp weapon in Tommy Wheeldon Jr’s arsenal.

I have already named 5 class players, but then you Cavalry supporters get four more in Richard Luca, Jose Hernandez, Ali Musse and Selemani. 

I really am excited to see more of Hernandez and Luca because I think that this season they will be a real dangerous threat up top.

Hernandez was not able to show all that he was capable off with a slight injury last year but now that this will be a long season I'm excited to see what else he can do.

I have heard a lot of good things about Luca and with a long season this year there will be tons of chances to see him in action. Since he can play in so many positions upfront he has a big chance to get into the squad. Luca also plays the same position as me on either flank, or in a midfield role. So I will be watching him in the future to learn from his play.

Then Cavalry also signed Selemani and Musse. The past couple of years Selemani has played in the top tier of New Zealand and Greece. Selemani has also played in the second tier of Czech football.

Selemani has  very nice pace, with excellent dribbling. Selemani is somebody who could be a fantastic impact sub for Tommy. I could also see him as a starter to help set the tone of the game with his pace.

Musse was played in the Candian Premier League in the inaugural season under coach Rob Gale. Musse made 15 appearances, and contributed two goals and two assists in the first season of the CPL.

Tommy describes the player as someone who has the proper mindset and ability to make a difference in a game….

Tommy says that he is a winger that has pace and creativity! He likes to take people on 1v1, and Tommy went on to say that the winger has an eye for an important goal.

Tommy and all you Cavalry fans have a great chance of winning the North Star Shield this year due to their strong squad.

I will be wishing Cavalry good luck in their upcoming game.

Jack signing off.

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