Chrisnovic N’Sa Interview

Hey all, Jack here and today I will be releasing another inspiring “Soccer Stories, Get Into The Journey” interview with, in my opinion, one of the most exciting players to watch in the CPL, a player full of quality – Chrisnovic N’sa! Impact-Site-Verification: -1300952070

Being from Nova Scotia, I’m a huge Wanderers fan and as a ballboy in the inaugural season, I got to see Chrisno play up close. From watching him, I thought he had a great mix of athleticism, reliability, and attacking threat going forward that made him a great option in the first season.

He followed up that inaugural season, with an incredible showing at the Island Games. He was outstanding. He made great passes, he was amazing in 1v1’s and with his great performances, he was an integral part of Stephen Hart's side. His performance there garnered him a nomination that season as Best Canadian Under 21 Player of The Year Award. Chrisno was surely, without a doubt, one of the standout best players at the Island Games.

Chrisno & Jack at the end of season Wanderers party!

York United

He continued in great form when he went to York United. Playing the second-most minutes out of anyone on the team with 2,273. He also had 39 tackles won which was seventh in the entire league, he also racked up 161 duels won which was fifth in the league.

In the interview, we discuss Chrisno’s:

  • Formative years and when he figured he might be able to go pro.
  • His time at (formerly) the Montreal Impact academy.
  • How Chrisno found out about the CPL.
  • What it was like playing for the Wanderers.
  • How he signed for York United and more…

Overall, Chrisno is an incredibly talented, committed and hard-working player that I’m incredibly happy I was able to interview. I’m excited for more people to hear his story and am thrilled that I had the opportunity to share it.

Enjoy the episode!


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