CPL 2020 Season: The Island Games

It's official.

The 2020 CPL Season is going ahead officially…. And some would say finally!

Today, the big announcement came from head-honcho David Clanahan live on the OneSoccer YouTube channel to wild enthusaism from hungry CPL fans who have been waiting expectantly for an announcement about the CPL 2020 Season.

Ironically, this comes after leagues like the Premier League and the Bundesliga have already re-started post-COVID and completed.

Big up to Bayern-Munich and Liverpool on those wins, lads!

Official CanPL Update: The Island Games

The Island Games Format:

Personally, I love the format. Every game in meaningful and has a lot at stake.

In Round 1, each team plays each of the other 7 teams once. The top 4 move onto Round 2. In Round 2, each team plays the other teams twice, and the first and second place go into a one-game playoff for the Ultimate CPL prize!

cpl 2020 season tournament

I do feel for the the 4 teams that go out in Round 1. 7 games seems entirely like too short of a season. Man, this COVID thing is annoying!

Where is the 2020 CPL Tournament?

So the branding behind the “Island Games” could have referenced either Vancouver Island or PEI, and apparently each was a front-runner at times during the decision-making process, but Charlottetown PEI is the winner and the games will be played entirely in the “Maritime Bubble.”

PEI has done a fantastic job insulating themselves from COVID-19.

So who has the edge this year?

With so much turnover from so many of the teams, there's certainly an element of the unknown that can creep in. And with the nature of the tournament, with a single game against each of the other teams in Round 1… really any team can get through to the second round.

That's soccer eh?

So the first game will be played August 13th between Cavalry FC and Forge FC, the 2 dominant teams from last season.

And me, I can't wait!

For those wishing to get involved, check out the new offering, The Collective!

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