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Hello Everybody!

It's Jack here!

Today, my Dad and I have a special treat for you. Like, really, really special 😀

To give you a little background, back in early May, I had the amazing opportunity to be interviewed on the “Down The Pub” podcast because of my experiences as a ball boy for the HFX Wanderers. You can check out that episode here.

Being able to sit during that hour with Anthony Abbott, Chris Searl and Carlos Benites was such an honour for me, and was such an amazing experience but by far, the best thing that I got from that interview is that I became friends with the great fellas from “Down The Pub!”

And since then, I haven't been able to stop asking them questions…

As I was writing this blog post, I realized, I probably ask Anthony, Chris, or Carlos several questions a week about their opinions because they are all so knowledgeable and I love to “talk” soccer!

In fact, one of my favourite things to do on game day is to see what Anthony is posting on Instagram and jump into the conversation – it's a real high point in my day and so I love game days, especially in the EPL!

But back to the roundtable…

We all know how great the “Down the Pub Podcast” guys are and how much they know about soccer.

In fact, their show is the #6 soccer show in Canada right now, and if you've listened to the podcast, you'll know why. The stories they tell, their guests on the show and the knowledge they possess is perfect for any footy fan who just loves their soccer fix!

So ever since I was on the show back in May, it was always one of my goals to basically “turn the table” and have “the guys asking the questions, answer the questions,” because I'm really curious about them!

Like me, I'm sure most of you are all really interested in these 3 guys, their own personal football stories, and how they became so passionate about the beautiful game. So you can imagine how excited I was when we got them booked into the schedule for a Sunday afternoon.

So what came out of that Sunday afternoon was (and I could not have imagined it) but an EPIC roundtable!

The roundtable with me, Andrew (my Daddy), Chris Searl, Carlos Benites, and “Down the Pub” creator Anthony Abbott ended up being 3.5 hours LONG!!

It was so funny because after we recorded the episode, Chris even posted he couldn't believe how long it went it, we just kept talking, 😁

So with that said, we are finally releasing the roundtable discussion with these 3 soccer gurus and we broken it up into 4 parts!!

Part 1 – Down The Pub Soccer Banter and More…

Part 1 – We talk about how each of the guys fell in love with soccer, their favourite pitches to play on in Nova Scotia, MLS and other sports organizations from baseball to basketball during times of Covid, the CPL and when it will start, and the crazy Twitter bots that Andrew will hire!
Part 1 – Soccer Banter and so much more!

Part 2 – How “Down The Pub” Became “Down The Pub”

Part 2 – How “Down The Pub Podcast” became “Down The Pub Podcast”, what the pint of choice is for the Down The Pub fellas, Carlos' “Diez Football” store and Anthony's “Down The Pub” online store, favorite 3 footballers of all time, the CPL keepers, what Wanderers new signing are they most excited about, what footballers were the scariest looking coming out of quarantine, and who asks the weirdest questions…
Part 2 – How “Down The Pub” Became “Down The Pub” and more…

Part 3 – Rapid Fire Questions

Part 3 – In this part, find out why Anthony says that this show is more of a “psychology” show than a football one!

Part 3 – Rapid Fire Questions!

Part 4 – The English Premier League Bonus Session

This was the “before the session” session and we had the best discussion, even before we “officially” started the episode.

We talk about the EPL, in which countries young up and coming talent should be playing in and the guys' favourite must-watch soccer movies! We also cover Arjen Robben coming out of retirement, and what we think of the rumors that Messi will go to Juventus. You'll definitely want to have a listen!! 😁

Part 4 – The English Premier League Bonus Session

To Recap

Be sure to listen to this amazing discussion. Yes, it took 3.5 hours, but it really was this EPIC.

Seriously, this was probably one of the best times I've ever had on an interview because it kept on diverging into other different soccer topics from the original question (which was awesome) and we just got into SO MUCH SOCCER TALK! You just have to watch the show or listen to the podcast version for the full experience.

There are so many personalities, superb soccer minds, and awesome people in this chat, plus we can't forget A LOT of laughs along the way.

So take a seat, get comfortable and enjoy this EPIC roundtable discussion!

And be sure to follow the fellas at:

The Down The Pub Website and on their Instagrams at:

Anthony Abbott

Chris Searl

Carlos Benites

Diez Football

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