Easton Ongaro Interview

Hey Guys! Jack here.

Today, we are going to be releasing an interview with one of the stars of the CPL, Easton Ongaro.

You can follow Easton on:

Instagram: @eastonongaro

Twitter: @eastonongaro

In 2016, Easton started playing with Edmonton Green & Gold, scoring two goals in eight appearances that season. The following season he doubled his tally scoring four goals in thirteen appearances that season. In 2018, Ongaro led the league in scoring with thirteen goals in nine appearances. Think about that…more goals than appearances! That is amazing! I don't see stats like that too often!

In October 2018, Ongaro was selected 15th overall by The Cavs but later signed with the Eddies.

Easton is a very nice, friendly guy who was a lot of fun to talk to. I really enjoyed getting into his story and hearing his road to becoming a professional soccer player. 

Last year in the inaugural season, he was an important part of Jeff Paulus’s side scoring 10 goals! He was FC Edmonton's top goalscorer and he came fourth in the league with goals that season.

Even though he was a key piece of FC Edmonton last season, it was interesting to hear how the jump up to the CPL was a big change and how he had to adjust the way he played so he could get more chances to get goals in the pro-environment. It's fascinating to hear how pro-players evolve in order to better themselves and their games.

At the Island Games, Easton was very fun to watch and again he came in as the Eddies top goalscorer this season. 

Currently, he is on loan at Vendsyssel FF in the second tier of Danish Football. At the end of his loan deal, Vendsyssel had an option to sign him permanently. He is an excellent player and I can see him making a permanent move over to Vendsyssel FF.

Some of the other highlights of this interview are how his height helps him, his journey to becoming a pro, striker characteristics, and some of his role models! 

So if you want to learn more about Easton….this interview is definitely for you.


Interview Timestamp

0:00:29 How did you fall in love with soccer?
0:01:48 Have you always played striker?
0:02:17 When did you realize you were good enough to go pro?
0:04:32 What is the biggest strength of your game?
0:05:08 Who do you model your play style after? Emulate in your game?
0:07:32 Preferred formations.
0:08:25 Developing your skills.
0:09:35 Best drills for strikers.
0:11:08 Mindset Discussion.
0:13:20 Making the runs behind the defenders.
0:15:08 New league, new season. What is going through your head right now? Vendsyssel FF
0:18:21 What was your first game in Europe like?
0:19:17 How was the game compared to CPL?
0:20:03 How does the training compare to the CPL?
0:20:54 The Island Games.
0:26:01 Do you follow a special diet?
0:27:49 CONCACAF Men’s Qualifier Discussion
0:30:58 Canada Soccer. CPL discussion
0:34:05 Do you have a skill move?
0:34:59 is there a skill move you like to watch?
0:35:18 advice for young players
0:36:57 What are the sacrifices your parents made to make sure you had continuing opportunities?

Rapid Fire Questions

0:38:03 Do you play FIFA?
0:38:16 Is there a team that you like to watch?
0:38:50 Favourite fruit
0:39:09 Favourite way to eat it?
0:39:19 Do you have a nickname?
0:39:37 One superpower you’d like to have?
0:39:57 Do you cook?
0:40:11 One place in the world you want to visit?
0:40: 53 Favourite movie?
0:41:06 Favourite board game
0:41:15 Are you a good dancer
0:41:23 3 words to define you?
0:41:54 What are your goals for the future?

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