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Hey everyone, it’s Jack here and today CPLFever is releasing an interview with one of the best midfielders in the CPL. One of my favourite players, none other than Cavalry FC Regista, Elliot Simmons!

How I Met Elliot Simmons

I first met Elliot when I was a ball retriever for the Halifax Wanderers. I often got to talk with Elliot for a little bit in the hours leading up to kickoff.

Elliot was always so kind and really easy to talk to. I always enjoyed watching him, too. I thought he was a tidy player with good technique and I always was impressed by his excellent soccer IQ.

The Interview

As I mentioned, I have been wanting to do this interview with Elliot for a long time. Unfortunately, our times just weren't aligned so you can bet when I finally got to sit down with him, I had A LOT of questions!

Of course, we started with where his love for soccer started. We then got into his formative years, where he played, the importance of his family in his journey. I particularly liked the story of how he would bounce around the ball with his dad because behind every successful pro player, there are always very dedicated parents who supported their dreams.

We then chatted about his early career trialing with clubs in England, his time in Malaga, Spain, and how he dealt with a very successful career at such a young age. 

We, of course, talked about what he took away from Halifax and playing in the city with such a huge fan base and playing under Stephen Hart. For me personally, he was an underrated player in Halifax but when called upon he did his job and he did it very very well!

Cavalry FC

It's clear that Elliot has found his home with Cavalry FC and under the tutelage of head gaffer, Tommy Wheeldon Jr.

We ask him a ton of questions about Cavalry ranging from what it is like to play under Tommy Wheeldon Jr., whether he thought his gaffer was the best-dressed gaffer in the CPL, and about his current situation at Cavalry.

Then we also talk about Elliot’s game style, how he has become such an amazing midfielder, how he developed his soccer IQ, his passing skill, and more!

And for the last part of the interview, we finish off the interview with some fun rapid-fire questions!

So enjoy this interview with one of the most talented and nicest guys in the CPL!

Here is the timestamp, clickable in YouTube.

0:00:00 Welcome Elliot.
0:00:52 How did you fall in love with soccer?
0:02:45 Do you watch Luton Town FC?
0:03:50 What team did you watch growing up?
0:05:06 What players did you like to watch on Arsenal?
0:06:18 Malaga, Spain experience.
0:09:55 Did you change your style of football playing in different countries? Total football, possession football…
0:24:01 Is Tommy Wheeldon Jr, the best-dressed gaffer in the CPL?
0:25:00 First goal in the CPL.
0:27:00 Did you always play as a midfielder?
0:29:38 Your vision/soccer IQ, how did you develop that?
0:35:00 Tommy's rule of 3.
0:37:00 How did you become a great passer/passing?
0:39:00 Tackling, defending, breaking up plays
0:40:40 What do you consider your best-improved skill?
0:41:28 What kind of mindset do you need to thrive in all these different conditions/different clubs?
0:42:30 A day in the life of Elliot Simmons?
0:44:00 Do you like to be pumped up or calm before a game?
0:45:00 Do you do any visualization or meditation before a game?
0:47:00 Do you have any quotes that you live by (to get past obstacles or adversity?)
0:49:00 What is the best advice a coach has ever given you?
0:49:40 Best advice for kids starting out?
0:51:00 Rapid Fire Questions

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