Breaking news!!!! Emilio Estevez Signed with Dutch Eredivisie Club ADO Den Haag

Some BIG news has dropped!!

York 9 player Emilio Estevez has just signed with Dutch Eredivise club, ADO Den Haag. Now, the Eredivisie season has ended due to Covid 19 and although they are sitting 17 in the league, there will be no movement in relegation and promotion which means they are still in the Netherlands top flight. This I think is a huge step forward in Estevez's career.

One thing that will give a lot of players his age some hope is this, it is a fun fact…

Three years ago Emilo Estevez was playing at Canadian college soccer for the Sheridian Bruins, wondering if his dream of playing pro soccer was not his destiny.

The following year he spent part of the League 1 Ontario season with North Mississauga SC, he also featured for SC Waterloo in the Canadian soccer league but still wanted to become pro, so he partook at the open trials held in Toronto in 2018. At the trials, Emilio impressed the Nine Stripes scouts so much that they signed him in February. He debuted in May, scoring 1 goal and tallying 1 assist, in 21 appearances for York.

Before he even kicked a ball for the Nine Stripes he also was called up to the Chinese Taipei National team! He qualified to play for them because of his mother was born in Taipei. He made his international debut last October, when he started for his adopted country, in a world cup qualifier against Australia.

So let's take a step back and think of what he has done in the span of three years, shall we?

So he started as a college player, went up to a semi-pro player, and then became a pro with the CPL playing with York 9.

Canadian Premier League – HFX Wanderers FC vs York9 FC – Wanderers Grounds, Halifax, Nova Scotia – May 29, 2019. (Trevor MacMillan/CPL)

Now he is off to Eredivisie, Dutch football's top flight. Emilio Estevez is going to be a star, trust me!

Estevez's story is an incredible one for sure. He stated that a few days ago in an article when he was being interviewed about the move to the Dutch league. He said that he was thinking about this a couple of days ago, talking to his father about how everything has happened so fast. At one point not too long ago, he had no team and was wondering if he would become a professional footballer.

He also said that everything has happened so fast: “Right now I still cant believe it. It's hit by surprise and I'm still in shock, but if i'm being honest I'm super happy about it because I've worked so hard , and I'm going to make the most of it. It's a dream come true.”

Emilio thought when he came from from his trials in Spain and England, thought that his dream was over, reaviling that it has always been in the back of his mind. Though he did not want to admit it.

“There comes a point, where you have to be realistic and start thinking of other career options. As a kid you always dream of becoming a pro soccer player, playing in the biggest leagues and playing on the best teams. Unfortunately when you get older and when you hit a certain age, you start to think it won't happen.” When he was at Sheridan playing college soccer, he said, “I wasn't thinking about that at all. I wasn't thinking of going to Europe.” He thought that those dreams were over.

Even when he had started at York 9, he thought that this is where he was going to be, in the Canadian Premier League. He did not have Europe in his sight at all. As soon as I played for my National team, I started to get attention and then this all happened. It does not happen every day, it is a one in a million story.

In the off season York 9 head coach Jimmy Brennan had kept training with Estevez, Jimmy must have sensed that he could be a rising star. Good job, Jimmy!

I think ADO Den Haag, made a good choice signing Emilio Estevez. He is a crafty mid, and I think it is very important to have a crafty mid. Who knows maybe we will see him playing for a big club like Real Madrid in the future, I mean who knows?

The Nine stripes have some incredible player stories, among there ranks, like Morey Doner and Emilo Estevez.

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