FIFA 20: Season 5 Objectives

FIFA 20 Season 5 launched today, Friday March 13th 2020.

And while everything else in the footballing world is shutting down because of COVID 19, you can still play FIFA 20.

So while the CPL's season is in jeopardy and up in the air because of the CoronaVirus, FIFA 20 is alive and well.

So the EA community has been crying and whining about EA as a company and FIFA 20 as a whole for some time now, but I quite like completing the objectives and collecting new players.

There are some really fun Milestone players, and the Icon Swaps are insane and include the one and only Maradona.

If you want to know how to maximize your FIFA 20 Season, check out this video:

Which Milestone players are you gonna pick up?

I'm likely to be getting Josh Sargent or Morten Thorsby for Milestone 1 and Yannick Carrasco for Milestone 2.

(Jack and I might disagree about Milestone 1.)

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