Green Lions TV Interview! – CPL Fever Talk About York9FC

Hello everyone, I just wanted to say that my Dad and I did an interview with Green Lions TV YouTube creator Nathan!

Some of the questions we cover are:

  • What do we think about York 9 this season?
  • Can York 9 win the North Star Shield?
  • Who is the most overrated player on York 9?
  • Who is their most underrated player?
  • What formation should York 9 use in the 2020 season?
  • What player would we like to see (if it could be anyone in the world) join the Wanderers/York 9?
  • We also hear about Nathan's new tattoo and his run-in with Pogba! Plus some more questions and fun…
  • We also talk about why the Wanderers had the best home crowd in the league.

The link for the youtube interview is down below.


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