HFX Wanderers honour Black Lives Matter movement with locally designed T-shirts

Halifax, N.S. (August 19, 2020) – HFX Wanderers are proud to stand with the Black community and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Canadian Premier League soccer club's latest initiative is a partnership with a Black-owned Nova Scotia company, resulting in the commission of locally made T-shirts, carrying a powerful message.

It follows a team Zoom call on racism discussing discrimination, a week after George Floyd's death in May.

The T-shirts are another part of the Wanderers response to make the club and the Wanderers Grounds stadium an inclusive environment for everyone.

Wanderers Inclusivity Officer, Marvin Okello is playing a leadership role in the community, talking about the issue in media interviews and providing education through social media on an issue he has dedicated his life to.

Okello made the connection to the company Creations by Kyy, which designed the T-shirts, that are on sale in the Wanderers Fan Shop as well as directly from the company.

“I’ve had many issues of racism in my life as a Black person that have been swept under the rug in the past and what happened to George Floyd has motivated me to really stand up and try to make a difference for all of us,” Okello explained.

“I’m really proud that inclusivity is one of our key pillars as a club and our President and Founder Derek Martin has been totally supportive of me and our staff in making sure this issue remains on top of mind for everyone.”

Okello's connection to Creations by Kyy in response to world events has led to the design of the shirts which include the words “Black Lives Matter” with a clenched fist.

Birt Beals and Kyleisha Dixon are co-owners.

“I just want the message to be out there about Black Lives Matter and for us to work with a local professional sports team as a local company is a great partnership,” said Beals. “We print these T-shirts right here in Nova Scotia and I hope when people see the message they see this they feel that we are all together.”

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