Ijah Halley

Ijah Halley had his professional debut for York 9 FC during #TheIslandGames and he was impressive. The youngster has a ton of pace and is one of those players not afraid to try and beat a defender on the dribble. What a treat he's been to watch during the Island Games. 

A few weeks back, prior to the Island Games we had the amazing opportunity to sit down with one of York 9's youngest signings, Ijah Halley.

Ijah made his debut on August 15th against Atletico Ottawa and soon after earned his first start in the tournament. He has been an important part of Jimmy Brennan's side.

With injuries coming to players like Michael Pettraso, as well as a knock to Vasconcelos, Ijah definitely stepped up and performed. 

You’ll notice that Ijah is incredibly fast, and is such an explosive player that can get around anybody which was evident in the Island Games – his speed is unbelievable.

During the interview, you can see that Ijah is incredibly friendly and has such a great attitude and work ethic.  He has a very solid head on his shoulders.

During the hour we talked about many things like how he developed the love for soccer, his time at the TFC Academy, the concept of “you reap what you sow” (as it pertained to soccer), versatility in soccer, game tape, eating right, and how to have a long career.

He really is a great student of the game. 

So sit down and have a listen.  It was a great chat and we can’t wait to see what Ijah does next season.

Ijah most recently appeared on the @OneSoccer show as a guest pundit talking about Round 2 of the Island Games.

You can follow him on Instagram or Twitter.

Ijah Halley Interview

Interview Timestamp

Below is detailed timestamp of the interview.

0:00:00 Welcome
0:00:38 How did you fall in love with the beautiful game of soccer?
0:01:30 Leon Bailey Discussion
0:03:20 Where did you get the drive to continue to improve?
0:04:06 Work ethic and good attitude discussion.
0:05:22 When did you start working on your weak foot?
0:06:18 When did you start thinking you might go pro?
0:07:31 What is your play style?
0:07:55 I was struck by your speed, how did you work on your speed?
0:09:48 Tell us about your time with the TFC Academy and being taught by Benoit Cheryou
0:10:44 He encouraged you to take risks and be more creative and giving players to take risks?
0:12:36 TFC academy what did you learn there?
0:13:43 TFC teach you tactics on the field? (game tape stuff)
0:15:34 Your position? Where do you like to play better?
0:17:45 Physically demanding in the modern game full back more than playing winger?
0:18:53 What’s your favourite skill move?
0:20:30 What is your biggest strength as a player?
0:21:13 When did you start working with your head up?
0:22:01 What’s the story behind getting signed by York9?
0:23:12 What do you think Angus McNab saw in your play?
0:24:18 You are one of the youngest players on the team, how do you think you stood out being one of the youngest?
0:24:59 Was it tough making the transition to the pro environment?
0:25:44 How did you first hear about the CPL?
0:26:47 Was York 9 always your team?
0:27:27 Do you like the home kit or the away kit better?
0:27:46 How confident are you York9 will take away home the north start shield?
0:28:19 Take The Crown hashtag discussion.
0:28:46 What’s the biggest strength of York9 going into the tournament?
0:29:27 What is your favourite formation to play in?
0:29:58 About the island games, what do you think of the format of the island games tournament?
0:30:39 Who are going to be the top 4 teams going into the tournament?
0:31:11 How has mindset helped you on your soccer journey?
0:31:38 How did you parents help you with your mindset?
0:32:40 Haile Selassie I – What does he mean to you?
0:34:10 Do you follow a specific diet?
0:35:00 Favourite nut and fish?
0:38:07 Skill you’ve been working on 12 months and want to work?
0:38:50 What advice would you give young players to get to the pro level, like where you are right now?
0:39:49 Best advice a coach a coach has given you?


0:40:54 Do you play FIFA?
0:40:59 Xbox or PS4?
0:41:03 Who do you support (soccer team?
0:41:09 What’s your favourite fruit?
0:41:16 Your favourite vegetable?
0:41:42 Do you have nickname?
0:41:50 One superpower you’d like to have?
0:42:30 Is there a quote you live by?
0:42:43 What genre of music do you really like right now?
0:43:02 Your favourite song?
0:43:24 Who is your favourite Pokemon?
0:43:43 Favourite subject in school?
0:43:52 What’s your favourite movie?
0:44:27 Favourite board game?
0:45:03 What’s your favourite pastime?
0:45:14 Favourite tv show binge watch
0:45:22 What 3 words to define you?
0:45:39 What are your goals for the future?

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