Interview with HFX Wanderers, Joao Morelli

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It's Jack and I'm back this week with another in-depth interview, and this time it is with Brazilian CAM and new Halifax Wanderers signing, Joao Morelli.

Joao Morelli Interview

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Here's the deal, ever since the Wanderers signed Joao, I've been so excited to see him play. 

When they first made the announcement, I did what I’m sure every other person did – I checked out his highlight reels. After watching them, I couldn’t believe that he was coming to play for us, I was so happy.

So last week when we had the chance to sit down with him and talk about his soccer journey (his career in Brazil, England and Estonia before coming to Halifax) I thought this was just awesome.

Interestingly enough, Joao Morelli is also one of the first people I've interviewed who plays the same position as me, a CAM (when I'm not an inverted winger) and I couldn't wait to talk to him more about being a number 10! Joao has some great advice for other number 10's.

We also talked about how he thrives under pressure, what we can expect from him this year with the Wanderers and I think there is a lot to learn from his story about commitment, sacrifice, and what it takes to play professionally.

So grab a seat and have a listen to this interview. 

Warning, we laugh a lot.


Joao Morelli Interview on YouTube

Joao Morelli Interview Timestamp

00:00:12 Welcome Joao!
00:00:38 How did you get started playing football?
00:01:17 Did your parents play?
00:01:33 How many siblings do you have?
00:01:58 How was it like growing in San Paulo?
00:03:24 How do you think street soccer helped you develop?
00:04:19 What would be the biggest difference between being really good at futsal or being really good on a bigger pitch?
00:06:02 Were you always the standout player on your team?
00:07:39 Who were your football idols growing up? Who would you pretend to be?
00:09:36 So what do you think of players who try to be overly flashy, like Neymar?
00:10:38 What is your favourite skill move to use and your favourite skill move to watch?
00:11:39 CAM, number 10 tips.
00:12:52 Joao biggest strengths (playing high up, clinical, chance to score)
00:14:20 What is your favourite formation to play and where are you in that formation?
00:15:12 In terms of training in Brazil, what do they do differently?
00:16:17 What are the most important characteristics of a CAM?
00:18:05 Thoughts on the “Death of the pure number 10” Do you agree and do you think you are more of a pure number 10 or advanced 8?
00:19:42 Why do you think they are playing like that?
00:21:08 Who is one player that you would like to go back to a number 10?
00:24:12 Was it always a dream to go to England?
00:25:25 Juhinho scouted you. He singled you out to be a future star. How did that make you feel?
00:26:27 In England, they play more physical play (long ball, crosses into the box) How did you find that?
00:29:10 Why do you think they play like that?
00:30:23 In England, your coach was sacked the next game, do you think he would have played you as a number 10 and do you think it would have been more your style of play?
00:30:57 When you went over to Estonia, you were playing more like an advanced 10, how did you like Estonia?
00:32:07 Season in Estonia.
00:32:30 How did you find out about the CPL?
00:34:48 The Wanderers didn’t do a ton of scoring last year, and you were brought in to help that. Can you see what they were missing looking at the tapes from last year?
00:36:30 How do you think the CPL will line up against the play in England and Estonia?
00:39:39 What have you learned from Stephen Hart?
00:41:12 Anything you do before a game to prepare yourself mentally?
00:42:46 Who is your favourite Brazilian artist and favourite Brazilian song?
00:43:45 Who is your favourite artist?
00:44:59 What do you miss most about Brazil?
00:45:03 What is your favourite Brazilian food that everyone has to try?
00:46:05 What did you do when you got your own FIFA card?
00:47:38 What was it like getting Europa League experience?
00:48:38 Leadership.
00:49:19 What advice do you have for kids who want to go pro?
00:50:22 When did you start working on your weaknesses (like left foot)?
00:52:27 What is the best piece of advice a coach has given you?
00:54:25 Do you follow a special diet?
00:56:02 What has your favourite soccer moment been?

Jack’s Rapid Fire Questions

00:58:38 Do you play FIFA?
00:58:44 Who do you support as a soccer team
00:58:52 Do you have a nickname?
00:59:37 What are the trivia nights like?
01:00:13 Do you cook?
01:00:20 What’s your favourite things to cook?
01:00:48 What’s your favourite movie?
01:00:59 What’s your favourite book?
01:01:14 What’s your favourite board game?
01:02:37 What kind of soccer boots do you wear?
01:03:04 What is one thing people don’t know about you that people would be surprised to know?
01:03:41 Three words that define you?
01:04:15 What are your goals for the future?

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