Interview with Managing Consultant of York 9 Angus McNab!!!

Hey Guys! It is your fav CPL ball retriever, Jack Lowell Murray!

Here to tell you some interesting news: Andrew and I interviewed the Managing Consultant of York 9FC, Angus McNab!

I'm really excited about this interview because it's not every day that you get to talk to someone who REALLY knows their football, and is a pioneer of soccer analytics!

Today, my Dad and I, had the absolute honour of sitting down with York9 FC's Management Consultant, Angus McNab.

Before we hit “record” Angus had mentioned he had some really exciting news that he would reveal in the course of the interview…

Little did we know that he would let us in on the incredible news of Emilio Estevez and his sale to Dutch football's top flight, Eredivise and ADO Den Haag.

Watch this amazing interview where we chat everything football and York9 for one riveting hour.

Interview with Angus McNab from York9 FC

If you want the latest on York9, the vision and mission of the club, their plans for the future, how they scout and those all-important numbers – soccer analytics – pull up a chair, be sure to get comfy and have a listen.

See below for the timestamp on what we talked about. We covered so much in the one hour and I'm so thankful that we had the chance to sit down with Angus.

0:00:10 – Welcome Angus!
0:01:00 – Is your laptop the most coveted piece of technology in the CPL?
0:01:43 – Tell us your story. How did you fall in love with soccer?
0:03:04 – What did you think of the new home kit?
0:05:03 – Tell us more about your role as Management Consultant at York9?
0:06:35 – What is your scouting process here in Canada and internationally?
0:10:33 – Does York9 focus on certain areas in their international scouting?
0:12:03 – What is the global benchmark/vision for York9?
0:14:58 – You have the most fan groups of any CPL team, how are you working with them to get the club's message out?
0:16:28 – Being in Toronto presents its own unique challenges in regards to the other sports teams like TFC, how do you deal with that?
0:18:36 – What do you do to build community: Friday nights, Pub to Pitch, Be a part of something special.
0:20:14 – Any plans for a youth academy?
0:22:26 – York9's commitment to giving young talent a chance.
0:23:44 – Regarding Canadian talent, who are you most excited to see developing this year?
0:24:06 – Exclusive – First ever sale of CPL player to Europe's top flight – Emilio Estevez.
0:25:06 – How did Emilio's sale come about? Were you planning to keep him longer or was it always the plan to sell him?
0:26:19 – Are you finding that more European scouts are scouting the CPL?
Tristan Borges/Joel Waterman.
0:29:19 – Where do you think Canadian soccer will be in 10 years?
0:31:00 – How did you get into soccer analytics and what does soccer analytics mean?
0:34:51 – Is soccer analytics as accurate as it is in the other sports and what soccer analytics do you look at specifically?
0:38:29 – Do the guys wear wearables in both practice and in games?
0:40:50 – What is your favourite analytic/metric?
0:41:53 – How is the team gelling?
0:43:31 – How pleased are you that you signed Brian Lopez from Racing and Gabriel Vas Concelos from Corinthians?
0:45:45 – Status of the U21 players?
0:45:56 – Ijah Haley, Max Ferrari
0:46:46 – What is the relationship between TFC, Aurora and York9, as Ryan Telford, Ijah Haley, Morey Doner, Max Ferrari came from there?
0:48:39 – Your 3 top goal scorers – Ryan Telford, Rodrigo Gattas, Simon Adje – left this season, are you worried about your goal-scoring ability now that they're gone?
0:51:37 – Michael Petrasso and Matthew Arnone were great pickups. Did soccer analytics help with those signings and what did their previous clubs potentially overlook?
0:53:17 – Can you tell me more about York9's “Heroes Initiative?”
0:55:28 – Any insight on when the CPL will be coming back?
0:56:47 – What are your thoughts on the limited time the draft picks have had to showcase themselves?
0:58:19 – Fun question: If you could pick any player in the world to play for York9 (but not Ronaldo, Messi, or a retired player) who would that be?

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