Interview with Wanderers Superfan Denton Froese

Welcome to another episode of, Fans Of The League with the Halifax Pirate himself, Denton Froese!

We did our first fans of the league episode a while back with Missy Searl. Daddy and I really enjoyed doing that and we are happy to be releasing another interview with another Wanderer’s superfan.

Denton has been an avid supporter of the Halifax Wanderers and a bright spot whenever I got to see him at the grounds. When I was a ballboy at the Wanderers Grounds I would always see him in the stands cheering extra loudly in his absolutely awesome outfit!

In this interview, I was so excited to get his story. We talked about his love of the Halifax Wanderers, his fanzine “The HFX Cookbook,” how his outfit came about, and of course, how excited he was to get back in the stands at the Wanderers grounds! I have to say one of my favorite parts about the interview was hearing about how his pirate outfit came about.

So if you want to know how an opera coat became a pirate coat and why Denton describes the experience as being the first on the dance floor, then be sure to have a listen!

So get ready and enjoy this interview with Halifax Wanderer’s superfan, the Pirate of the Wanderers Grounds, also known as Denton Froese!

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