Everyone has a story.

And what we find fascinating is the hard work and sacrifice that these professional soccer players put into their craft to get where they are.

The road is not always straight, in fact, it usually is winding but we love bringing an in-depth look into the journey of each and every single player of the CPL.

If you've watched an interview, you know my co-host on the show is my just turned 12-year-old son Jack (happy birthday kid!), who has an incredible love for the sport of soccer (and couldn't believe his luck as he acted as a ball retriever for the Halifax Wanderers during their inaugural season!)

Jack preparing for an interview.

Like most kids his age, he has aspirations to play professionally so I think our interviews have a special perspective on development and what helped these players weather the ups and downs of their career to get them to where they are now.

I would say that we ask questions that normally wouldn't get asked in a standard interview and often the answers we get are incredibly thoughtful and extremely enlightening.

We interview soccer players and related personelle from the Canadian Premier League and other people on the topic of soccer.

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Interview List

The Canadian Premier League Teams


David Clanachan Commissioner of The Canadian Premier League

RIOBOL Co-Owners Matthew Folsom, Elliot Fauske

Ezequiel Carrasco (Goalkeeper, York 9)

Ijah Halley (Winger, York 9)

Benjamin Fisk (Winger, Atletico Ottawa)

Ibra Sanoh (Striker, HFX Wanderers FC)

Ajay Khabra (Midfielder Atletico Ottawa)

William Akio (D1 Striker)

Down the Pub Podcast (4 Part Roundtable)

Omar Kreim (CAM HFX Wanderers FC)

Joao Morelli (CAM HFX Wanderers FC)

Matthew Arnone (CB York 9 FC)

Peter Schaale (CB HFX Wanderers FC)

Duran Lee (Left Back FC Edmonton)

Alex De Carolis (Left Back Halifax Wanderers)

Angus McNab (York 9 FC President and Managing Consultant)

Nathan F. (York 9 FC Supporters Group)

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