Island Games Recap

Hey guys, it's Jack here today bringing you a recap of the Island Games.

So the Island Games is now done after a rousing success! And all that I can say right now is WOW! Looking back at it all, I had such a fun time watching the games, going into the press conferences – talking to the players and coaches after the game, predicting the score, playing CPL Fantasy (it's my first time, by the way, doing that and I had tons of fun).

Now, I don't know about you, but I am really missing the games and experiencing a lot of withdrawal, so what better way than to chat about the tournament with friends!

So last week we got the chance to get together with our good friends from Down The Pub Podcast – go follow them here to get their take on the Island Games. We were running against the time to get to the end of season Wanderers get together, but we still managed to get in a good hour of football talk with the guys!

The main questions were:

Best Moment

Biggest Surprise

Review of Each Team

Come have a watch and let us know if you agree with us, disagree with us and how much fun you had watching this very unique and action-packed CPL season!

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