Jan-Michael Williams Interview

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a good day. 

Today, I’m very excited to be releasing what we at CPLfever think could be one of our best (and most fun interviews yet) with none other than goalkeeping coach, Jan-Michael Williams.

Now, something that I just love about Jan is how friendly he is.

Jan is really easy going, a joy to be around and talk with. On top of being a super nice guy, his career has been filled with incredible moments many of which we touched on and loved hearing about.

During the interview you get to see on display, just how great a fellow Jan is. We loved covering the various points in his career including, all the caps he has had for his country of Trinidad and Tobago.

We also touched on his philosophies on the beautiful game and life in general – mainly how he tries to live the Japanese concept of “Kaizen.” Andrew truly believes in the concept of Kaizen too and was blown away to be able to chat with Jan about it!

Personally, one of my favourite parts of this interview is when we talk about Belgium, and the style of soccer that they play! Jan played with Belgium's White Star Woluwe.

Of course, no interview would be complete with out talking about his current club, the Halifax Wanderers in the CPL. We had questions about what it was like for him coming into a brand new league, what it was like to wear the Captain’s armband for the Wanderers, and his new position with the team as Goalkeeping Coach. 

Jan did a fantastic job transitioning into a coach in a year as crazy as 2020, with Covid 19, and an action packed tournament like the Island Games. 

As he says, our interview may have been the most in depth interview he's ever done and yes, some of our questions seem to come out of left field (especially my rapid fire questions) BUT that's what we like, getting to know the players in and outside of soccer!

This interview was such a pleasure to be a part of and I want to thank Jan again for coming on and speaking with us.

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Now sit back and have a watch/listen to the interview available both on YouTube and our podcast.


Interview Timestamp – Timestamp is clickable if viewed in YouTube.

0:01:48 How did you fall in love with soccer?
0:04:15 Did you always play keeper or did you play other positions?
0:05:10 Who do you model your game play after?
0:06:33 How did your family support your dream to play soccer?
0:13:13 How do you prepare for a game or tournament?
0:15:45 What made you such a dominant keeper?
0:17:40 When you know you have a trial do you train or rest more?
0:22:50 Fifa discussion
0:23:24 Whitestar discussion.
0:24:22 How is the style of play different?
0:24:05 Technical level comparison talk.
0:26:02 Where did you go after that?
0:28:44 The wanderers. Why did you choose to come and how did it feel to get the captain's armband
0:31:35 Did you know Stephen Hart before?
0:36:08 What was it like at the Island Games as it was a very unique tournament, what was it like to experience it from the coach’s side?
0:38:25 How was the transition from player to coach?
0:40:28 Why does Hans Flick from Bayern Munich stand out to you?
0:42:04 Lava bead discussion.
0:44:50 BLM
0:47:18 Do you follow a specific diet?
0:48:48 What do you measure your numbers against?
0:51:00 How do you decide on the markings?
0:53:18 Scored a goal in penalty kick or open play?
0:56:33 Advice for young goalkeepers trying to go pro?
1:00:04 Advice for young kids going pro in any position?

Jack's Rapid Fire Questions

1:01:57 Do you play FIFA?
1:02:00 Favourite drill
1:02:12 Who is the most famous person you have ever played with?
1:03:05 Favourite food?
1:03:35 Favorite fruit?
1:04:06 Favourite vegetable?
1:04:21 Do you have a pet?
1:04:41 Favourite book?
1:04:55 Favourite movie?
1:05:57 Genre of book?
1:06:21 What is your 5 a side dream team?
1:07:21 One thing you have learned in soccer that helped you outside of soccer?
1:07:35 What soccer team you support?
1:07:54 Do you have a nickname?
1:07:58 Who is one person that you would like to grab lunch with?
1:08:25 What superpower you'd like to have?
1:09:30 What is one quote you live by or really like?
1:10:21 Genre of music do you like?
1:10:43 Favourite board game?
1:11:17 Favourite pastime?
1:11:38 What are 3 words to define you?
1:12:21 Goals for the future?

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