Mateo Restrepo Interview

Hey guys, Jack here, and today I’m thrilled, to release another Soccer Stories: Get Into The Journey interview. Today we are lucky enough to have had a great conversation with Halifax Wanderers fullback, Mateo Restrepo.

Late last year getting ready to watch the Island Games, I was really excited to see a couple of the new players that Stephen Hart had brought in for the Halifax Wanderers. Mateo was on that list.

His first time on the field with the Wanderers I was immediately impressed. Mateo was equally talented in the attack as well as in the defense. That was one of the things that I really liked about him; he took his defensive responsibilities with pride and vigor and was equally as good in the attack. 

The Mateo Restrepo Interview

When Mateo accepted our offer to interview him I was ecstatic. There was a slight delay in when we could finally get the time to sit down but that was because Mateo was busy studying for his MCAT – yes, he is studying to be a doctor!

In the interview, we had a lot of questions for Mateo. We talked to him about his game style, the importance of his position (some surprises there!), mindset, diet, his time in Germany, his time with Santa Barbra, the Island Games, studying to be a doctor, and more!

Mateo also talks extensively and in great depth about how he ended up playing in Germany, this experience in the Under 19 Bundesliga, and the pressure of playing there.

Mateo Restrepo is a fantastic player with a fantastic mindset so get ready to enjoy this interview with the Halifax Wanderer’s fullback because we get into the journey.

Below is the full interview and if you watch it on YouTube, the interview timestamp below is clickable.

0:01:47 How did you fall in love with soccer?
0:02:29 Did you start playing soccer in Columbia?
0:04:18 Were you good at soccer right away?
0:05:05 When did you realize there was a future in soccer? How did you get invited to TFC?
0:06:45 What was your biggest takeaway from being at the TFC Academy?
0:08:25 When you made it to the provincial team, did you always play fullback?
0:12:29 Is there someone you model your game style on?
0:13:46 Are you a Barcelona fan?
0:14:27 Leadership discussion.
0:16:34 How did Germany come about?
0:18:59 What was the biggest adjustment in Germany?
0:20:41 How is the game different in the different places you have played?
0:22:33 Mateo's other passion – being a doctor.
0:24:02 Types of medicine?
0:24:27 Meditation.
0:26:27 Biohackers
0:29:00 What type of doctor would you like to be?
0:30:00 How did the wanderers reach out to you?
0:31:49 Highlight reel versus full game.
0:33:35 “Grinta” concept
0:36:01 Where did you spend the off-season?
0:37:26 When is the new season starting?
0:38:15 With Covid, how difficult is it to plan?
0:40:30 How is the new team shaping up?
0:42:42 Football/Tennis
0:43:48 Does Mesut play with you?
0:44:28 Taping Skillzone, what was that like?
0:46:00 What is one thing you can tell a player who wants to go pro?
0:48:39 When did you start working on your weakness?
0:57:06 Favorite player on the national team?
0:57:16 Do you dance?
0:57:58 Favorite word?
0:58:10 Hidden talent?
0:58:23 Soccer team you support?
1:02:04 Where is your happy place?
1:02:30 Do you have a nickname?
1:02:50 What is one superpower you'd like to have?
1:02:32 Do you cook?
1:04:03 Favourite movie?
1:04:32 Favourite board game?
1:06:36 Favourite book?
1:07:31 Quote you like or live by?
1:07:57 What is your most-used emoji?
1:08:24 3 words to define you?
1:09:00 Goals for the future?

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