An Interview with York9’s Matthew Arnone

Hello guys! It's Jack here! How are you? I hope you are doing fantastic!

I'm doing great because this past week we were able to interview York9 center back, Matthew Arnone!

Matthew Arnone: York 9 FC CB

We first met Matthew when he was playing with the HFX Wanderers and we've been impressed with his skill and talent ever since.

During the interview, we talked to Matthew about his upbringing, his time at the TFC Academy, playing in Italy and Vaughn, and his journey to the Wanderers. We also covered his switch to veganism, his new club York 9, and his Foundation “Jason's Wish” in honour of his brother.

As you listen to Matthew and his story, you are really struck by his kindness, mindfulness, and dedication to the sport of soccer but also to live the best and happiest life he can.

So get ready, get comfortable and have a listen to this interview with Matthew Arnone!

Down below is the timestamp for the questions we asked during the interview. Timestamp is clickable in YouTube.

Matthew Arnone Interview Timestamp

0:00:17 Welcome Matthew!
0:00:37 How was quarantine, difficult to stay in shape?
0:03:39 How did you fall in love with soccer?
0:04:56 Who is your favourite Serie A team?
0:06:45 How did you get on the radar of Vaughn?
0:08:45 Were you playing center back of were you in the midfield?
0:11:32 What did you learn in Italy? What was your biggest take away from Italy?
0:14:04 Do you have dual citizenship, why did you decide to go to Italy?
0:16:39 When you came back from Italy, how did you get picked up by The Wanderers?
0:19:14 You won the Award from the Privateers, how did it feel to win an award (your first season) in a professional a league?
0:20:37 What have you learned from Stephen Hart?
0:21:45 What are you going to miss the most about Halifax?
0:23:09 What do you think Angus Mcnab from York9 saw in the analytics that made them want you to join York9?
0:25:19 You are strong with both feet when did that develop?
0:26:42 When did you consciously start practicing on your weaker foot or the weaker parts of your game?
0:28:52 What is your favourite thing about York9?
0:29:56 What is York9's chance of securing the North Star Shield?
0:32:16 Discussing Matthew’s versatility.
0:34:34 When we first met you were gluten-free but now you are vegan. Is that right?
0:39:09 What has your favourite vegan meal, been?
0:38:59 You are a big fan of LeBron James, what have you learned from LeBron as an athlete?
0:41:17 Have you watched “The Last Dance” Can you rate the 3 best basketball players?
0:43:55 If Canada and Italy were in a World Cup together, who would you cheer for and why?
0:45:09 If Canada and Italy both gave you an invitation to play on their national team, who would you say “yes” to?
0:46:45 How do you get mentally prepared for a game?
0:48:57 In your own soccer journey, are there any tips that have helped you overcome obstacles or adversaries?
0:51:33 Can you tell us about your foundation, “Jason’s Wish”?

Jack’s Rapid Fire Questions

0:56:28 How is the food in Italy
0:56:33 What was your favourite food in Italy?
0:56:59 Do you play FIFA?
0:57:09 Xbox or PS4
0:57:16 What’s your favourite team to use?
0:58:16 Do you have a nickname?
0:58:53 What’s your favourite movie? What’s it about?
0:59:20 What’s your favourite book?
1:00:18 Do you have a pet?
1:00:56 What’s your favourite board game?
1:02:07 Was it easy to win?
1:02:44 Did that make you want to win more?
1:03:16 What kind of soccer boots do you wear?
1:04:27 If you could pick 3 words to define you, what would they be?

Matthew Arnone's Mango Salad Recipe:

Mango, tomato, pepper, cilantro/parsley, red onion, avocado, salt, pepper, olive oil, splash of red wine vinegar, sometimes eaten with lettuce. Quantities are based on what's available, and what you feel like. Just a simple fresh salad for the summer, it's refreshing!

Note: We tried it out and loved it. Will be making it again 🙂

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