Missy Searl Interview – “Fans Of The League” Special Edition

Today is a very special day! I truly am over the moon to be releasing this interview, because this interview marks the first day that we will be adding another dimension to CPLFever interviews!

CPLFever has decided to start interviewing superfans of the Canadian Premier League and those interviews will be put into a category on our website as a new feature called “The Fans of The League!”

The Fans Are The Twelfth Man

The fans are the ones that make any league special, and I think that the CPL fans have been great to the league and the teams.
We wanted to share the stories of all of these amazing superfans and how they fell in love with their teams.

So when I thought about the quintessential fan, I knew who I had to interview

Our first fan could be none other than the fan who is known as Mama Searl! The Mama of the Halifax Wanderers, Missy Searl!

I have been friends with Missy for a while now. We first met when I was a ballboy for the Halifax Wanderers. I was usually the ballboy in front of her section and I always remembered Missy and her family by the amount of passion they exuded for the Wanderers on game days!

Later on we became friends on Instagram, we talked frequently to each other there and we bonded outside of the Wanderers and the CPL with her love of the Spanish National team, and her cooking, boy can she cook!

Along with her love for the Wanderers, Missy is making a huge difference in the community where she has her own business,”L Searl Virtual Consulting Services” where she helps and advises small business owners. To learn more about this, be sure to reach out to her on Instagram or Twitter.

Overall Missy is one of the most generous and happy people that I know. I was so happy to share tell her story.

In this interview, we talked about Missy’s upbringing, her love for the Halifax Wanderers, the inaugural season, her love of cooking, and fun facts like her hashtag #missyandherchucks!

Missy shares lots of funny stories and it was an absolute blast to do this interview – I know you guys will enjoy it, too!

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