New HFX Wanderers Signing, Pierre Lamothe Interview

Today, I’m excited to share with you this episode of “Soccer Stories, Get Into The Journey” where we interview Halifax Wanderers brand new signing, midfielder Pierre Lamothe. Pierre is a player that can make a big impact for the Wanderers.

First off be sure to follow Pierre on his Instagram account here.

Next, if you have not seen Pierre Lamothe's highlight reel, go check it out, because once you see it you will get excited for the Wanderers in the upcoming season.

Something that I noticed when I watched him was how very adept he was at taking the ball out of the air and playing forward, or calming down the play. The big plus is that his passing, work ethic, and footwork are excellent and he is incredibly FAST!

The Interview

During the interview with Pierre Lamothe, we talk about his time with the Montreal Impact Academy, learning about Grinta, mindset tips, how to take care of your body, and the biggest takeaways from being in that learning environment.

We also expand on his playing style and what he tries to accomplish in games. Pierre also played for the Montreal Carabins with Omar Kriem and Aboucar Sissoko and they all know each other well. They won a title together, so we dive into that experience.

Of course, we can’t forget to chat about how he’s settling in here in Halifax, about meeting the rest of the squad, what the training has been like, and general stuff about the upcoming season.

Pierre has got a great personality; he's a lot of fun with a good sense of humour (you see it within the first few minutes of our interview) while also being very insightful with a calm confident aura. He is definitely one to watch.

We then finish off the interview with some fun rapid-fire questions to get to know Pierre’s personality better!

Below is the Pierre Lamothe interview timestamp, which is clickable on YouTube.

0:00 Welcome Pierre Lamothe.
0:00:28 How did you fall in love with soccer?
0:01:50  When did you realize you were a good player?
0:02:54  Did you watch soccer growing up?
0:03:45  Did you have a favourite team?
0:06:47  Montreal Impact Academy – What was one of the most important things you learned while you were there?
0:09:14 Lifestyle.
0:09:35  What training do you do individually?
0:11:15  Play style? Who do you emulate?
0:13:04  Would you say you are the link in the midfield between the attack and defense?
0:13:40  What formation do you prefer to play in?
0:14:34  Knowing what other positions need, has that helped your game?
0:15:29  When you did you find out about the CPL?
0:16:08 Do you know when the season is starting?
0:16:22 How did you get on the radar of Stephen Hart?
0:18:35 Are you excited to play with Omar Kriem?
0:19:22 Omar Kreim goal discussion.
0:19:36 How long have you been in Halifax?
0:21:11  What's it been like practicing with the team?
0:23:01  How do you prepare for a game?
0:25:09  Do you do yoga?
0:26:24  Do you have a favourite quote?
0:28:30. How do you deal with the uncertainty of the team's starting line up? How do you handle that?
0:30:22  Have you always had a good mindset? When did you decide “I'm going to be a coachable player?”
0:32:52 Tools for training by yourself?
0:35:21 Favourite first touch drill.
0:35:48 If there is what is one thing you could tell young players wanting to go pro, what should they be working on outside of what they are doing with their club?
0:40:39  Making good decisions, mentality of a player.
0:42:41  Best piece of advice a coach has given you?

Rapid Fire

0:44:16 Do you play FIFA?
0:44:29 Xbox or PS4
0:44:34 Do you dance?
0:44:38 What's your favourite word?
0:45:08  Do you have a hidden talent?
0:45:16  What is something you learned about yourself this year?
0:45:39  Do you support any other soccer teams other an Man City and Barcelona?
0:46:22 Do you have a happy place?
0:46:33 Do you have a nickname?
0:46:58 Adidas, Nike, Under Armour or Puma?
0:47:03 One superpower you'd like to have?
0:47:21 What's your favourite thing to cook?
0:47:44 If you could buy any type of food right now, what would you buy?
0:47:56 Morning or night person?
0:48:06 What are you currently reading?
0:48:13 What do you miss most about Montreal?
0:48:34 If you could visit the 50 countries, the ocean or space, which would you choose?
0:49:44 What are you watching on Netflix right now?
0:50:17 What is your most used emoji?
0:50:31 3 words to define you?
0:50:57 Goals for the future?

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