Ollie Bassett Interview

Welcome to another episode of “Soccer Stories: Get Into The Journey.” This week’s guest is Northern Ireland midfielder, Ollie Bassett.

I personally was so excited when Ollie accepted our offer to interview him.

Ollie, a newcomer to Pacific FC this year, has done fantastically under Pa-Modou Kah.

Before I had even seen Ollie play in the CPL I was excited for him because I had a hunch that he was going to be a real quality player for the Tridents. I have really enjoyed seeing him on the pitch for Pacific FC and in fact, I wrote an article about him after speaking to him in the press room.

In the interview, I had an absolute blast. We started off this interview by talking about his time in the Aston Villa Academy and how that shaped him as a player. It was incredible to get all of the details and to get on the inside of what a top club would be like. I especially liked hearing about how everything was done with a ball, for example, fitness was done with a ball and it was to get you as many touches on the ball as possible as a youngster.

We also spend a big portion of time chatting about futsal. Ollie explains how futsal also helped mold him into the soccer player that he is today.

Other topics we cover are his time in Yeoviltown, New Zealand, and playing for Northern Ireland.

During the course of the interview, you notice that Ollie is determined, committed to his sport and his attitude is something that young players should pay attention to because his attitude is top-notch, and in the professional game that is how you overcome the many roadblocks you will face.

So have fun and listen to this interview with one of my favourite players to watch in the CPL.

Ollie Bassett Interview Timestamp

0:00:00 Welcome Ollie.
0:01:10 How did you fall in love with the beautiful game?
0:01:40 When did you start taking football seriously?
0:02:29 Experience at Aston villa Academy.
0:05:40 What about the Aston Villa Academy surprised you?
0:07:56 You played a lot of futsal as a youth, was that through the academy?
0:08:56 Which part of your game do you feel futsal helped in particular?
0:11:10 What formation suits your style of play the best?
0:12:00 What specific thing do you enjoy about each position you play?
0:12:43 Has playing multiple positions helped you know what your other teammates need on the field?
0:13:32 When did you start playing with your head up – something most kids struggle with?
0:14:42 Is Aston Villa your team?
0:16:05 How did you get called up to the Northern Ireland squad?
0:17:25 What was the experience like to play at the international level and at such a young age?
0:17:57 Have you committed to any country?
0:19:24 Yeovil town – the Glovers – You are the youngest player they have ever signed – how did that come about?
0:21:00 What do you think they saw in you?
0:22:25 Did you notice the level was higher than you were used to? What were you expecting?
0:25:31 Is it difficult to plan your career when different coaches go in a different direction?
0:27:10 How important is mindset?
0:29:57 How do you get ready for a game?
0:30:48 Is there a player that you watch/emulate?
0:32:37 How did you develop your soccer IQ?
0:35:52 Is there a quote you live by?
0:37:18 New Zealand.
0:42:09 Playing as a CAM.
0:43:16 Deep lying playmaker.
0:45:29 How did you get on the radar of Pacific FC
0:46:58 What made you want to come to Canada?
0:48:07 Getting off with a bang in the CPL.
0:52:54 Gelling with your teammates.
0:53:40 Is versatility important especially in the CPL where there are smaller rosters?
0:54:59 How does your mindset change when you play different positions?
0:56:15 Did you ever play with Matt Sheldon?
0:57:26 Do you have a favourite skill move?
0:58:15 What is the best piece of advice a coach has given you?


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