OneSoccer Stories

This post is a collection of the OneSoccer Stories.

We hope these stories might inspire young soccer players in Canada to achieve great results in the beautiful game.

Which one is your favourite?

From Zero To Dero:

Soccer Island

True Valour


Home Is Where The Hart Is (Stephen Hart)

Born To Be:

This one was my favorite one. I really liked their system for young players. My favorite thing about it though was how it focused on Alphonso Davies's little brother as well as young kids trying to become pro.

Making The Cut

Local Identity

I really liked their mission, to make young kids belive that they can play pro soccer in their own backyard.

The Art Of Football

Hometown Talent:

Hart To Hart:

I thought this one was really well done. I also think the name Hart to Hart is very creative.

Unite York:

How Do I Make It Pro? The Jonathan Grant Story

This one I thought was really intresting one part I thought was a little funny and oversll a great Onesoccer Story.

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