PFC Showing Off Their Resilience And Character In Semi-Final Win

The playoffs just started off with a bang! The two best two teams at the beginning of the season, the Tridents and the Cavs played against each other in the first game of the playoffs and it was a banger!

This season, the best matchup in my opinion has been the Tridents vs the Cavs. They are both entertaining to watch, both of them have their own distinctive style, their identity, and both want to go at their opposition and attack. This game was no different. They both lined up with an attacking mindset. Both teams wanted to be one of the finalists so badly and you could see it in their eyes, and what both teams left out there on the pitch.

It was a very tight game with both sides having lots and very promising chances. 

As Tommy Wheeldon Jr said after the game:

“To me, that was a great street fight, it was playoff football. It was intense, they had goal action they had moments, tackles, but I think we played to the conditions. It was hard out there. So sometimes it wasn’t pretty but my goodness it was a great advert for Canadian football that it’s tough and gritty.”

Tommy Wheeldon JR

Both teams played extremely well. Manny Aparacio, Kadin Chung, Terran Campell, Alessandro Hojabrpour all had spectacular performances!

Cavalry also had great performances from the likes of Mo Farsi, Ben Fisk, Karifa Yao, Mason Trafford, and Joe Mason.

Both sides could have won that playoff game with so many high-quality chances coming for both teams! (here you can see some of the chances)

Ultimately though the game was won on a controversial moment by a player who made something out of nothing and never gave up on the play. That was what won the game; that player was Kunle Dada-Luke. Was the ball all the way over the line? The play continued and Dada-Luke put it towards the goal and it went in off the foot of Cav's Keeper, Marco Carducci.

After the game, Pa spoke about his team and he highlighted how they fought,

They fought, they fought, they fought, they fought, and their character showed this is a very strong and resilient team.

Pa Modou Kah

PFC is a force to be reckoned with! Do you think that PFC will be lifting the North Star Shield by the end of this campaign? Comment down below!

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