An Interview with HFX Wanderers Peter Schaale

Hey Guys,

How are you? It's Jack here and I am so happy to have another great “soccer story” to share with you!

This week's interview is with none other than fan favourite and HFX Wanderers center back, Peter Schaale.

I have to say that personally, I was thrilled to hear he was coming back to the Wanderers this 2020 season after taking some time to finish his studies and so I was really excited to sit down and chat with him.

During the in-depth interview, we covered where he grew up, his love of Eintracht Frankfurt, his time spent at a top German football academy and his move to Canada where he played for the CBU Capers, became a draft pick and made his way to the CPL and the Halifax Wanderers.

Peter is a great guy with a fascinating story.

Some of my favourite moments during the interview included his growing up and how he went from a number 9 to center back, the first time he met Cory Bent and learning more about him and his likes outside of football. I was especially moved by his hopes and dreams for the future.

So get comfortable…

Peter Schaale has an incredible story and you'll definitely want to have a listen!

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Down Below is the timestamp interview with Peter. The timestamp is clickable on YouTube.


0:00:10 Welcome Peter!
0:00:30 How did you fall in love with soccer?
0:01:08 What did your Dad do for Frankfurt?
0:01:30 Did you get to meet some of the players when your Dad worked there?
0:02:13 Where did you grow up in Germany?
0:02:56 What did you like about FC Koln and Cologne?
0:03:50 You have been to a few academies, what ages did you start there and what was your favourite experience and why?
0:07:14 During your time in the academies, would you say you started to work harder to gain your spot?
0:08:17 As a young kid, what was the difference in pressure (that they put on you) between your first club and FC Koln?
0:09:36 Did you always play center back?
0:10:13 Was it a tough transition to make from striker to center back?
0:12:16 What is your strongest part of your game?
0:13:04 So when you talk about defending in space, do you mean anticipating the position you need to be in to cut angles down etc…?
0:13:54 When did you start “seeing” the game?
0:15:19 Who do you try to emulate in your game?
0:16:52 You showed a lot of leadership with the Wanderers, how did you step into that role?
0:18:57 What was it like being a draft pick?
0:20:26 What was the night before the draft like?
0:22:27 How was the jump from the Capers to the CPL?
0:23:17 Did it surprise you, how good the level was in the CPL?
0:24:07 You won the Atlantic Sports MVP and Cape Breton Male Athlete of The Year award, what did you do to make your play so dominant?
0:25:54 Peter's goals.
0:27:40 Discussion on headers.
0:28:45 Thomas Mueller and the concept of Ramdeuter. What is that and is that a concept that is taught in Germany?
0:32:25 How have the Wanderers improved in the off-season?
0:34:04 How has the back to training been?
0:35:43 What is the biggest thing you’ve learned from Stephen Hart?
0:37:39 In a game, are you the center back calling the line?
0:38:55 What about getting ready for a game? Is there anything that you do, to prepare?
0:40:37 In your opinion how important is mindset?
0:42:36 How do you think mindset helps you in everyday life?
0:43:53 How hard was it to stop mid-season and go back to school?
0:46:31 You are familiar with Cory Bent? What can we expect from Cory?
0:47:39 How did you guys meet?
0:48:34 How did you decide to come to Canada?
0:49:59 What do you miss most about Germany?
0:52:24 Why has the German National team so dominant in world football?
0:54:41 Who are your 3 favourite german footballers?

Jack's Rapid Fire Questions:

0:57:08 Rank the big 5 league, 1-5.
0:57:25 What’s your hobby?
0:57:51 Do you play FIFA?
0:58:01 Favourite team to use?
0:58:07 What is the cheat team?
0:58:16 If you could play with anyone, who would it be?
0:58:24 Your favourite drill in quarantine or exercise?
0:58:58 Are you reading any books right now, and if yes, what are you reading?
0:59:36 What is your favourite book?
1:00:28 What is the best piece of advice a coach has given you?
1:01:43 What is your favourite food?
1:02:07 Do you have a pet?
1:02:16 If you had a dog, what would your dog’s name be?
1:02:37 What is your favourite movie?
1:02:52 What is your favourite board game?
1:03:09 What kid of soccer boots do you prefer?
1:03:32 What is one thing that people don’t know about you, that they would be surprised to know about you?
1:04:04 If you had to choose 3 words to define you, what would they be?
1:04:22 What are your hopes for the future?

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