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What exactly is the Riobol? This article is going to explain what the RIOBOL is, what it does and evaluate how effective the Riobol is for training soccer players.

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Getting ready for a Riobol skills session with my Dad!

What Is A Riobol?

A Riobol is a small ball used to increase the quality of your touch on the ball. It is actually commonly used down in Brazil, which is known for producing some of the world's best technically skilled players who have incredible ball control.


How The Riobol Was Discovered

Elliot Fauske, who played professionally in Brazil and the US first was exposed to the Riobol when he went down to Brazil to train with Aparecidense (Associação Atlética Aparecidense) in Central-West Brazil state called Goiás.

To his surprise, for the first 2 weeks, the entire team trained exclusively with this small, weighted ball. All of the drills and touches were done with this small ball.

After 2 weeks, when the team introduced a regular soccer ball, everyone noticed how the quality of their touch had improved.

“When we started kicking a normal size 5 ball again it felt like kicking a beach ball.”

Elliot Fausek

…And the concept of Riobol was born.

Riobol Specs

The Riobol is about the size of a Size 2 soccer ball, but with a similar weight of the size 5 soccer ball. It is made of a combination of real and synthetic rubber and has a cool pattern with the colors of the Brazilian flag: green, yellow, and blue. Each pattern is unique.

It's very rugged and robust. Great for any surfaces, and will even stand up to play on concrete.

Riobol is pronounced Rioball, and is written similar to futbol or futsal, rather than football. So it has a little Brazilian flair in the name.

Does the Riobol really help your juggling and touch? I have noticed improvement in my touch, and my juggling record has leaped by more than a hundred.

The Riobol circumference is about 20 inches / ~50 centimeters; weight (~425 grams / 15 ounces / 0.93 lbs). The RIOBOL is as heavy as a size 5 and heavier than a futsal ball. The Riobol is as bouncy as a regular size 5 soccer ball. The bounciness is adjustable as you can play with the amount of air in the Riobol to make it more or less inflated/deflated.

We talk about this with Matthew Fulsom and Elliot Fauske in our interview with them (among many other things.)

Riobol Samba Drill:

Riobol Unboxing:

unboxing video coming soon

Interview with Matthew Fulsom and Elliot Fauske, Creators of Riobol

Where Can I Get A Riobol?

You can get a Riobol from this link. Use code “JACKMURRAY” for a 20% discount off your entire order. That's the Riobol discount code “JACKMURRAY”:

You could also get a super comfy Riobol shirt to go along with your Riobol. They come in reddish pink and a nice blue which we are wearing along with a nice lime green!

If you don't have one, you'll want a hand pump to inflate your Riobol.

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