The Halifax Wanderers Are Back to Training June 1st

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The Wanderers are back to training! I know, you can do a happy dance! I'm doing one while I write this blog post!

The Wanderers made a huge announcement, that they will start training on June 1! This is great news, especially for all you HFX Wanderers fans! Plus, I think everyone should also be very excited because it sounds like the other teams/the team you support in the CPL will likely follow in suit…sooner rather than later.

I just have to tell you guys I'm overcome with joy!

I personally did not think that anything like this was going to happen, because I had heard that the CPL association would have preferred that all the teams started training at the same time. What the CPL association was worried about is that the HFX Wanderers or whatever team that started training first would have an advantage over teams that were not training yet due to COVID 19.

So I will give you guys an example using Pacific and the Wanderers:

So let's just say that the Wanderers and Pacific started training 3 to 2 weeks earlier than all of the other teams.

So what the CPL association was worried would happen is that Pacific and the Wanderers would develop a huge advantage over all of the other teams because they started training together earlier.

I think a huge part of that is that they would have the chance to build rapport quicker. A big thing that Cavalry taught us last year was that gelling was really important – because Cavalry was built around some players that had known each other for some time, and when you're starting with a team where half of the guys know each other, it can give the whole team a big advantage. That is something that separates the good from the great.

There are so many examples of top class teams in the world that are great because they know their teammates so well.

If you want to learn more about how gelling and having a good team chemistry can really help a team a lot go check out this blog post that I wrote.

Now getting back to the Wanderers, even though training early might and give a slight advantage to the Wanderers and with an almost whole new squad I think it's great to get as much training in , the CPL association will give each team enough time to train for sure.

A Close Title Season

The CPL is expected to be a very close title race this season, do you think that extra training will give the Wanderers that little extra push to get the North Star Shield? Tell me down below in the comments, I love hearing from you guys!

What I do know is that the Wanderers really thrived on their fan support (I mean who wouldn't – we love them!!!) but sadly, most likely all of the games will be played on neutral ground. Even though the Wanderer's grounds was tossed around as a possible playing spot according to David Clanahan, there would still be 0 fans in the stands. To be honest I think the season will be played in PEI.

Keeping that in mind, even without the fan support in person, in my opinion I think the Wanderers this year have a much stronger squad and they are a contender for the North Star Shield.

This year they now they have plenty of options for a very potent attack. I especially think that Ibra Sanoh was a great signing by the Wanderers. For his college, he got 101 goals in 70 games! He broke the schools record! Plus I think that the Wanderers have a more balanced squad this year than last year. I think the squad that they put together is a real title race contender!

I do want to congratulate the Wanderers on their spectacular announcement. It is a huge step forward for the league getting started!

I'm not sure about you guys but I feel like the season will start very soon. I'm so happy I cannot express enough of my joy in this blog post, but I'm just so happy!

So just get up and do a happy dance! It looks like the season will start sooner rather than later!

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So stay happy and healthy until the season starts!

It is your favourite CPLFever ballboy signing off.

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