What Makes Cavalry FC Striker Joe Mason So Dangerous?

Jack here, and what I wanted to do today was analyze and talk about someone I think has been a standout in this 2021 CPL campaign.

That player is none other than the former Wolves player, Joe Mason!

You guys know that I have been so excited to watch him play since his signing was announced. Joe Mason has played at a very high level, and when I saw his highlight reel I knew that the Cavs were getting someone very special.

Joe Mason in the season so far has 5 goals in all competitions to his name.

This post will explain what makes Joe Mason such a good striker. I’m going to show you clips of all of his goals for Cavalry and how he scored them and then we will talk about how and what makes Joe Mason so dangerous.

Goal # 1

His first goal was against FC Edmonton. Check out this goal:

Now on this goal, his first touch is not great but he manages to get the shot off, unfortunately for Joe, it was blocked by Connor James.

What is really nice about this goal is that once it gets blocked, he gets a nice touch, he doesn't panic and he just takes a couple of touches to get past Connor James and strikes the ball home.

The thing that really stood out to me though was how much he wanted it, how much his team needed that goal to get them back in the game, and how he had the composure to take it around a fantastic keeper in Connor James.

Goal #2

Here is the next one.

Here you see Escalante gets a little space, puts in a beautiful cross and the Cavalry players try to head it in but then it hits the crossbar. It is when the ball is coming down that Joe Mason is there waiting and taps the ball into the net.

If you look closely as Escalante crosses it, Joe Mason is watching the ball and the play unfold with a laser-sharp look in his eyes, and as soon as he thinks it might not go in he’s right there ready to pounce on any chance he gets – before anybody else can react.

The real genius is how he makes his run to get in front of the defender. The defenders are focused on the ball and Mason just goes on the defender’s blindside, gets his body in front of the defender and we all know how that story ends.

Goal # 3

Mason’s third goal for Cavalry come against Pacific FC in the 22nd minute of the match.

Here you see that Farsi controls the ball, brings it down, then shakes off the defender and plays a low cross heading into the six-yard box.

When Mason sees the cross coming, he anticipates and starts making a fast diagonal run to meet the ball and then tidily dribbles past the keeper and taps it into the net. Notice how his finishing is similar to how he scored his first goal ever goal for Cavalry.

Something that Joe showcases here, yet again, is that he can have composure in front of a goal and that he won’t panic which is always a key attribute in any striker. 

Goal #4

With this beauty of a goal, Joe Mason gets his first-ever brace in the CPL.

Joe scores again and in a similar fashion to his first one against Pacific FC.

He makes a darting run to the corner of the six-yard box and with one touch he flicks it over the keeper, and gets his third goal in league play for the Cavs.

Goal #5

Then he got another against the Eddies with possibly his most stunning goal yet for the Cavs. 

I was watching this game and when I saw that, I was in awe. I mean he was literally falling to the ground as he kicked it and he was just precise enough that he was able to tuck it past Connor James. Just a friendly reminder – he did this all while falling! How amazing is this? Tell me in the comments from 1 to 10.

If you do not gasp in awe of this goal or, at the very least, are moderately impressed, then you my friend are a tough crowd to please!

Joe Mason Summary

Now I wanted to talk about some of the observations that I made about him.

From looking at these goals the first thing that I noticed was that he has scored all five of his goals from close range in and around the six-yard box. Though he has not always started around there, he often makes a run from across the box to meet the ball at the six-yard box. Movement is key for a striker.

Something that I love about him is that he is also very intelligent in his movements; he remains calm, but the moment that ball gets played into the box he comes alive, like a fox in the box. Silent and deadly.

Joe's goals have also not been the hardest shots where he just hammers it. He has had an ease with just tapping it into the corner. Placement and precision over power.

The last thing that I have found extremely impressive about Mason is his composure in front of the goal. 2 out of his 5 goals in all competitions have come from him dribbling around the keepers and placing it in the back of the net.

Pre and Post Game Press Conferences with Gaffer Tommy Wheeldon Jr.

Recently I have asked Tommy Wheeldon Jr about Joe and the gaffer was all praise for the veteran striker.

You can watch the pre-game and post-game live press conferences here:

Tommy highlighted his movement and finishing:

“His movement is exceptional. His finishing is exquisite.”

Tommy Wheeldon JR – On Joe Mason

Tommy didn't just highlight his talent on the field he also talked about his work ethic and his impact on the rest of the players.

“He just makes other players around him better because whether it's movement or the way he trains and when the players see that a player like him has in the calibre of games and the teams he's played for, still putting in that work, still doing these things, our players can learn off of. And he's terrific around the locker room and I'll tell you he'll be a handful for any backline he faces.”

Tommy Wheeldon JR – On Joe Mason

Tommy also touched on other parts of Joe Mason's game that go unnoticed like his technique under pressure and the way he presses opposition's defenses – which is another hallmark of a great striker.

Joe Mason came up big in the match we discussed in the pre-game conference above. Goal # 5 which again was utterly amazing secured their point in the match on Aug 29th against the Eddies.

I'm certainly excited for the rest of the season and to see more of Joe Mason. In his last three games, Joe has scored 4 goals and I certainly think if he keeps up with this form, he could be a contender for the golden boot this year.

I hope you enjoyed this in-depth analysis on Cavalry FC forward Joe Mason.

Please tell me your thoughts about the striker down below in the comments.


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