Will Atletico Ottawa Ottawa Get Into The Top Four

WOW Atletico Ottawa's first game was game full of excitement!

Now that we have seen Atletico Ottawa in action, we can now kind of get a sense of where Ottawa will place in the standings.

York9 VS Atletico Ottawa

Coming into the game York9 were definitely the favourites going into this match and yet, by the end of the match Ottawa looked to be the better team.

As soon as the game started, Atletico Ottawa were in control. They were playing the style of football they they wanted to play, they played on the ground in triangles, diamonds, and they were fantastic on the counter.

Something that I noticed was they always played out of the back, they never played longballs unless they were under real pressure.

Stand Out Players

Here are some of the Ottleti players that really impressed me and are in no particular order:

The first player that I thought they was really good was none other than the captain, Ben Fisk!

Atletico Ottawa June 8, 2020 PHOTO: Matt Zambonin/Freestyle Photography

Ben Fisk, made some beautiful passes, he was involved heavily with the second goal, he made a lot of one touch passes in tight spaces, and he is very technically skilled, and he showed that in the game quite a few times.

Plus if you want to know more about Benjamin Fisk you can listen to our interview with him here!

One of the other amazing amazing players on Atletico Ottawa is Francisco Acuna!

francisco acuna
Acuna in action!

Acuna has had more than a hundred apps for the Liga MX, which is Mexcio's top tier of football.

When he plays you can totally see why this man has so many apps in Liga MX. He was nutmeging people like it was a game for him, he made the assist for the second goal, and he is very unselfish with the ball.

Coming into this team I expected him to make an impact, a lot of people did, but even I did not think he would be as influential as he was! He is definitely a very important part of Atletico Ottawa – Atletico Ottawa you have made possibly the best signing of the off season, so congrats to you!

My next key player is a very young fullback, Vashon Neufville.

Vashon Neufville

Vashon in Ottleti's first game was fire!

He made runs, he assisted, he was always a big part of Ottletti's attack and defence.

Once he got sent off for a second yellow (which was definitely not a yellow by the way) York9 created more chances. Head coach Mista has said that he will try to appeal the red card. I hope he does, cause like I said earlier he should not of gotten a second yellow.

Going back to Vashon, he was just amazing; he was fast, he faked people out, he assisted! Basically everything you want from a young fullback!

Canadian Premier League – HFX Wanderers FC vs Cavalry FC – Wanderers Grounds, Halifax, Nova Scotia – July 13, 2019. HFX Wanderers FC Midfielder Mohammad Kourouma (12) gets a shot toward the goal. (Trevor MacMillan/CPL)

Mohamed Korouma made history! Korouma scored the first ever goal for Atletico Ottawa!

It was actually Vashon who assisted. He faked someone out, got to the byline, and picked out Korouma. Korouma took a touch and passed precisely into the corner!

Mohamed played well! He was fast, he scored, and he is going to be a great player going forward for Atletico!

On this Atletico team there are so many quality players, but a another that really impressed me was Ajay Khabra with those sharp passes that he is known for, (we actually interviewed him, so you can check that out below)

Another is Malcolm Shaw who got assisted by Acuna.

I also thought Victor Martinez was very good!

Now I will tell you where I think they will place after seeing them in action!

Their next two matches are against Valour and Edmonton. I think that Ottawa could take some points of of those two teams. The question is if Vashon still has a red card will Atletico still perform as well as they did against York9?

I think they will be able to still perform at a very high level, my answer is yes they will get some points off those two teams.

The moment you have all been waiting for. Where will Atletico Ottawa place?

Drum roll please!


Right now, I think they will place third, they are such a good team with a lot of potential!

Maybe the Dark Horse!

Who knows they may win the North Star Shield!

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