William Akio Interview #2

Hey Everyone,

It’s Jack here back with another Soccer Stories interview with today's guest, William Akio!

If you have been fans of the show for a while you will remember that we actually interviewed William just under a year ago when he was still playing at the University Of Texas Rio Grande Valley and when his YouTube channel only had a few thousand subscribers.

Since that time William has done great things like being called up to the South Sudan national team, his YouTube channel now has over 20k subs, he is now playing pro in the Canadian Premier League for Valour FC, and he has gotten his first-ever pro goal.

william akio

Andrew and I dive into all of that news with William.

The William Akio Interview

William has grown so much since we last talked.

During our first interview, he was full of advice and he knew so much for his age but now he knows even more that he has another year of high-level soccer under his belt.

Plus, William now has a taste of what playing for a professional soccer team is like in that he has recently signed with CPL team, Valour FC.

A Fantastic Striker With A Knack For Getting Balls In The Back of The Net

Willy has always been a fantastic striker with a knack for getting balls in the back of the net.

He is fast, strong, and a deadly finisher!

He is someone who will be able to score in lots of ways for Valour FC. Just giving you guys a heads up but if you haven't seen William play yet, he is an amazing striker who any team in the Canadian Premier League would want on their side!


In this interview, William talks about some of the goals that he hopes to achieve by the end of the season. One of his goals was to get 10 goals in the Canadian Premier League in his first season, and so far in just 2 appearances and just under 45 minutes on the field, Willy has already scored his first pro goal!

YouTube Channel

We talk to William about his YouTube channel which has seen some excellent growth – and about how he deals with creator burnout, how to grow subscribers fast, who inspired him to start a YouTube Channel, and how he developed into a successful monetized YouTuber. This is a critical section for anybody who has a YouTube Channel.

If you have a YouTube Channel, I'd recommend you download this free browser addon to help grow your channel.

If you want to know what team William is most excited to play against, how William balances his YouTube and soccer life, and more, then enjoy this interview with Valour FC striker William Akio!!!!

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