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Last week we had the opportunity to interview Canadian D1 athlete, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) striker, William Akio.

Most likely, you are already familiar with the name William Akio as not only he making quite the name for himself as a soccer player but also as a YouTuber sharing his soccer journey towards going pro.

William Akio is one of the fastest D1 strikers (just check out his highlight reel!) – Jack has been doing some of his speed workouts to improve his own skill, which you should definitely check out on William's YouTube channel.

We had a great conversation with William. This is an excellent interview, not only to discover the persistence and dedication needed to be a top elite athlete, but to learn how to navigate the journey through college soccer.

william akio utrgv stiker d1

In the interview, we go through his coming to Canada at a young age from a refugee camp after leaving Kenya, his love for soccer and what he learned from watching African soccer legend, Didier Drogba.

William has an incredible work-ethic and he answers how he is working hard to get to where he is (playing with D1 soccer university UTRGV) – and tells us about his plans to play soccer as a professional.

He gives some major props to CPL fan favourites Marco Carducci and Montreal Impact player Joel Waterman. William's favourite CPL team is Cavalry, no doubt from growing up in Calgary.

So check out the interview and be sure to subscribe to William on YouTube! The timestamp of the interview is below, and is clickable in the YouTube description.

William Akio Interview Timestamp:

00:01:09 How old were you when you moved from Kenya?
00:02:26 What was the transition like?
00:03:12 What part of Canada did you grow up in?
00:03:47 I heard you were into hockey first? Tell me about that?
00:05:04 Do you still play hockey?
00:05:20 What age did you transition to playing soccer?
00:06:30 You must have been talented right away?
00:07:55 You really like Drogba, what did you like about him?
00:09:50 Chelsea has just made some amazing signings, do you think will win the Premier League next season?
00:11:23 When did you start working on your touch?
00:12:47 How did you develop your great work ethic?
00:14:02 Proverb 16:3 what does that mean to you?
00:14:38 Right now you’re playing D1, can you explain what D1 is and what the next steps are?
00:17:07 So how did you end up in Texas?
00:22:06 What is one skill you have been working on the last 12 months?
00:24:09 As a number 9, who do you watch? Who do you learn from?
00:26:40 You mentioned Suarez and Cavani. Are you a big fan of the Uruguayan team?
00:28:00 Tell me about your YouTube channel? When did you realize there was an opportunity to create soccer videos on youtube?
00:32:12 How did your knee injury happen?
00:33:55 One of your main strengths is speed, do you work on your speed, what specific things you do?
00:35:42 What is your favourite speed drill?
00:36:49 Adama Traore discussion.
00:37:42 Since your injury, what about stretching? Yoga? Do you do a lot of that to keep limber?
00:43:08 Do you do a lot of tactical work?
00:44:30 Do you follow a special diet?
00:50:13 What is your favourite fruit and vegetable?
00:50:50 When did you hear about the Canadian Premier League
00:52:40 Is Cavalry your team in the CPL?
00:54:40 When do you think Canada will win the CONCACAF?
00:55:00 Do you think Alphonso Davies should be a winger?
00:56:35 Jonathan David discussion.
00:56:54 Being that you are a striker what do you think of strikers in Canada?
00:59:01 Who were you excited to see Cavalry sign for this season?
01:00:08 What do you think about Robben coming out of retirement?
01:01:46 Are you the only Canadian at Rio Grande?
01:02:05 What is it like being Canadian in the US right now?
01:02:56 What is your skill move to use?
01:05:41 Did anyone play soccer in your family?
01:06:21 Do your brothers play the same positions as you?
01:07:12 What would your ultimate 5 a side team?
01:08:29 After this year, what are your plans?
01:09:42 is there a special training tool you like to use?
01:11:07 What is your advice for young players who want to go pro?

Rapid Fire Questions:

01:13:13 Do you play FIFA?
01:13:22 Do you have a nickname?
01:13:39 What your favorite thing to cook?
01:14:06 If you could have any superpower in the world what would it be?
01:14:37 What food does everybody needs to try?
01:15:01 Favourite movie?
01:1:15:22 Favourite book?
01:15:36 Favourite board game?
01:17:20 What soccer boots do you wear?
01:17:44 What is one thing people don't know about you, that they would be surprised to know?
01:18:09 What are 3 words to define you?

William Akio Update

We are please to announce that William Akio has been signed by Valour FC for the start of the 3rd season in the Canadian Premier League.

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