Ezequiel Carrasco Interview

As of late, our last few interviews have featured some of the young guns in the Canadian Premier League and today's interview is part of this current series.

Today, I am incredibly pleased to release this interview with York 9 keeper, Ezequiel Carrasco and I have to say that this may be one of my most favourite interviews yet!

The 17 year old goalkeeper (that's right, 17) was recently signed by York 9 and made his debut in the Island Games Tournament against the Halifax Wanderers. Ezequiel is one of the friendliest, most down to earth and humble people I have ever met.

As we chatted with him, you are immediately impressed by him; he is mature, disciplined for his age and because of this, you can see why he has achieved so much in such a short period of time.

His attitude is stellar and he has so much gratitude for the people who have helped him get to where he is today.

Interestingly enough, Ezequiel is our first goalkeeper interview and we learned so much from him. Being a midfielder, it was so interesting to sit down with him and get his “eye in the sky” point of view as keepers see the game so differently than any other player on the field.

One of the most fascinating parts of the interview are the specialized drills and equipment that keepers are put through to hone their reflexes and reaction time.

If you are a keeper or have a young, up and coming keeper, this is definitely an interview not to be missed.

So sit back and catch the interview with one of the youngest, talented signings in the CPL.

Expect great things from Ezequiel. We can't wait to see more of him next season.

Timestamp of Ezequiel Carrasco Interview

Below is the timestamp for the interview. The timestamp is clickable when you watch the interview on YouTube.

0:00:30 How did you fall in love with soccer?
0:01:58 How did you fracture your fingers?
0:02:50 Were you always a keeper?
0:04:00 Did your parents play soccer?
0:04:41 What is the biggest tip you learned from your cousin?
0:06:01 Who do you model your play after?
0:06:59 What was it like at Everton Vina Del Mar?
0:07:55 In that environment, what one thing helped develop your game?
0:08:39 How did Vina Del Mar compare to York9?
0:09:30 Reflexes, reach or reading the play, which is most important?
0:10:06 How do you train your reflexes?
0:11:20 In the modern game, when did you start training on these detailed elements of goalkeeping?
0:12:48 Discussion – positive first touch.
0:13:11 Do you do the same drills as the rest of the team?
0:13:50 Do you like playing out the back or distributing long?
0:15:00 Another key skill is communication, how do you communicate with the team?
0:17:27 York 9 and the Island Games discussion.
0:18:29 What do you like to do before a big match?
0:19:23 What does Romans 8:37 mean to you?
0:20:45 How did you hear about the CPL?
0:22:13 Can you tell us the story about how you got signed by York 9?
0:23:33 What is it being one of the youngest players in the league?
0:24:39 What piece of advice have you gotten from Nathan Ingham?
0:25:21 Angus McNab, stats as a keeper.
0:26:50 Which kit do you like best, home or away?
0:27:30 Have you scored a goal?
0:29:11 Corner kicks, free kicks…who decides who marks who?
0:30:50 On a corner kick…coming out, commanding the box or reacting?
0:31:28 How do you set up for a corner/short ball?
0:32:22 Are you on a special diet?
0:33:40 As a keeper, there is not much rotation. How do you handle that?
0:35:05 Your preference in gloves?
0:35:55 Who is one soccer player you’d like to have lunch with?
0:36:46 Any advice for you young soccer players who are trying to be keepers?
0:38:00 Was it always a passion of yours, that drive to stay a little longer…
0:39:09 What sacrifices have your parents made for your career?
0:41:11 When did you start looking at some of these goalies and their tactical play?

0:43:35 Do you play FIFA?
0:43:49 XBox or PS4?
0:43:55 Favourite food?
0:44:05 Favourite fruit?
0:44:13 Favourite veggie?
0:44:22 Do you have a pet?
0:44:48 Favourite book?
0:45:13 Favourite movie?
0:46:26 Favourite soccer movie?
0:47:00 Name your 5 a side dream team?
0:48:12 One thing you learned in soccer that has helped you outside of soccer?
0:48:40 What team do you support?
0:50:00 Do you have a nickname?
0:50:16 What superpower would you like to have?
0:50:37 Do you have another quote that you really like?
0:51:33 What is your favourite genre of music?
0:52:25 What’s your favourite boardgame?
0:52:36 What’s your favourite pastime?
0:54:45 What are 3 words to define you?
0:55:24 What are your goals for the future?

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