Kick Deck Review: Soccer Training Card Deck

This blog post is going to explain about Kick Deck, which is a brand new training tool for helping anyone improve at soccer and increase coordination. Remember, it's what you do outside of scheduled practices that really helps you improve on the pitch.

What is Kick Deck?

KickDeck is a 60 card deck. Each card has a drill that you can do pretty much anywhere you want! All you need for any exercise is a small space and a ball. There is no need for a partner, or a field. This makes Kick Deck very flexible.

You can shuffle the cards and deal yourself a new, unique practice every time!

The Kick Deck cards are arranged in 4 suites, like a regular deck of playing cards. The 4 categories of cards in Kick Deck are:

  • Strength
  • Core
  • Juggling
  • Technique

Each of those suites has 13 exercises that help you on a different part of your game.

How Kick Deck Helped Me

Before Covid 19, I was playing elite level soccer 5 days a week with my club and academy, so when everything stopped I was not exactly sure what to practice or what I should be doing. I ended up finding a couple things that really helped me keep in shape and play in quarantine – one of them was Kick Deck.

The biggest reasons it helped me so much was, Kick Deck helped me work on pretty much every part of my game, it every part of my game sharp and ready for when we went back to play. Kick Deck helped my ball mastery, my strength, my core, and my juggling (by using Kickdeck, I got my juggling record up to 1278.)

Another thing that I love about Kick Deck is that it really explains and shows you how to do the exercise. The instructions on the card are clear and the pictures on the cards just add another dimension of ease. They have cute cartoon illustrations that are fun.

In fact, the entire Kick Deck experience makes practicing soccer more fun.

On of the things I like about Kick Deck is the randomness. When you go to practice soccer by yourself, you can end up either not thinking of a challenging drill and can tend to end up practicing something you're already good at. But by drawing a certain number of cards from the Kick Deck pack and creating a random workout, you make sure that you get a little of every category into your workout.

This means your practices are more well-rounded and work on things you like and things you might not love as much.

Who Created Kick Deck?

Kick Deck was created by Canadian professional soccer player, Skylar Thomas. Skylar has played in the USL and the Canadian Premier League for Valour FC during the inaugural year of the CPL. He is currently playing back in the USL with Memphis 901 FC with former MLS and Everton star Tim Howard.

My Dad, Andrew and I got the chance to interview Skylar earlier this year and he shared his passion for helping kids improve at soccer and also being both an entrepreneur and a soccer player:

Skylar Thomas Interview: Kick Deck and more

Who Can Benefit From Kick Deck?

Anyone who plays soccer can benefit from Kick Deck! Kick Deck covers a lot of the basics so beginners will greatly benefit from using it. That said, what's nice is that even really high level soccer players can get great training out of it because when you use the cards and follow the instructions, it create a structured workout that gets you tons of touches on the ball!

These cards help every part of your game so you become a complete soccer player by using Kick Deck!

The original Kick Deck is for kids 8 and up.

It's fun because you can get a complete workout and get a lot of touches on the ball in a short span of time.

What is Kick Deck ABC?

So Kick Deck ABC is another deck but targeted for younger ages. So my brother is 5 I got this for him as a Christmas present in 2020 and he loves it! He uses this deck all the time! Kick Deck ABC is for kids 4 and up!

Why Kick Deck

Do you want a competitive advantage over your opponents but don't know how to train on your own? Do you need a personal soccer trainer but can't afford one? Are you tired of the same old online soccer drills that require a bunch of equipment? Don't worry, KickDeck has you covered!


You only need a very small space to do every single drill.

Where Can I Find Out More About Kick Deck?

You can find out more about Kick Deck on their site.

Kick Deck has really helped me improve so much! I really think you should get one and best part is, when you use the discount code: JACKMURRAY you can get 10% off your purchase!

So what are you waiting for?

Train the right way and grab your deck now!

Come check out some of my workouts with KickDeck!


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