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Today I have a treat for you CPLFever fans, Andrew and I had the privilege of interviewing Halifax Wanderers mid-fielder, Omar Kreim!

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Omar is one of the new HFX Wanderers signings this season and despite a slow start with the quarantine, training is back and I can't wait to see Omar take the pitch.

Omar was a very interesting interview, and I learned a lot from him.

We covered several topics like his move from Morocco, growing up in Montreal playing soccer with his father and brother, street soccer, his time at AS Blansville, the Wanderers, and much more. Did you know he has a law degree! Wow, pretty awesome!

As we were talking, the thing I was astonished by was how wise he was and how reflective he was in his answers. His positivity is amazing and he understands the importance of a positive mental attitude. Any soccer player that wants to work on their mindset better should listen to this interview. He had such good advice and knowledge.

It was a great chat and we really enjoyed Omar sharing his soccer journey with us! Below is the detailed timestamp of the interview (clickable on YouTube)

Omar Kreim Interview on YouTube

Timestamp of our interview with Omar Kreim:

00:00:18 Welcome Omar
00:00:29 How has training been?
00:01:15 You grew up in Montreal?
00:01:37 How many languages do you speak?
00:01:52 How was it coming over from Morocco? Do you remember much?
00:02:22 How did you fall in love with soccer?
00:03:26 Was Morocco in that particular World cup?
00:03:34 Who was your favourite Morroccan player of all time?
00:04:13 Are you excited to see Hakim Ziyech play in the Premier League?
00:05:06 Who do you model your style of play on?
00:06:17 You typically play as an inverted winger or a number 8?
00:06:47 Why do you think the Carabins were so dominant?
00:08:40 Positivity. Do you hear other teams getting on their own teams if they make a mistake?
00:09:35 How did you coach create that positive culture?
00:10:27 What do you think of the Wanderers and how the team is coming together this year?
00:11:30 How did you decide to come to the Wanderers?
00:13:17 What do you like about Stephen Hart?
00:13:56 What is one thing that has improved in your game in the last 12 months?
00:14:42 Did you follow the Wanderers games last year?
00:14:51 I was thinking the Wanderers needed a link up between the midfield and the attack. Do you agree?
00:16:05 What are your goals for the season?
00:16:42 What was it like moving up from york 9
00:18:54 Was there a lot of street soccer in Montreal? Who did you play with? Futsal?
00:20:51 Do you think you picked up your dribbling ability in street soccer versus playing with your club team?
00:22:16 When did you know you had a lot of talent?
00:23:30 Tell me about Sweden. How did you end up in Sweden?
00:25:15 FIFA ranked Morroccan soccer 43rd? Do you think that is fair? Should it have a higher or lower ranking?
00:26:02 Best Morrocan player currently?
00:26:35 Hakimi will he stay with bvb or go to Real Madrid?
00:27:37 What’s the best Morroccan food?
00:28:16 When you’re in season do you follow any special diet?
00:29:19 We saw you cooking for a Wanderers segment, are you a big fan of cooking?
00:30:00 What’s your favourite food that you’ve cooked?
00:30:29 During Ramadan,as a soccer player how do you deal with fasting?
00:32:08 How important is having a good mindset?
00:33:19 How do you focus on training your mind?
00:34:39 When did you start practicing your long passes?
00:35:37 What do you think is the best strength of your game?
00:36:25 So you like to take people on 1v1?
00:36:43 What is your favourite skill move to use when you are taking someone on 1v1?
00:37:05 What is the one skill move that you like to watch?
00:37:28 What was it like playing with Blainsville?
00:38:28 How did you find the players versus university players?
00:39:08 Heard a rumour that AS Blainsville would join the CPL, what do you think of that?
00:40:49 What good advice can you give to a young soccer player who wants to be an attacking talent like you?
00:41:34 What’s a good piece of advice that you’ve gotten from a coach?
00:42:54 What has your favourite soccer moment been?
00:43:36 How did you deal with injury? What’s the best thing, how do you get your mindset right?

Jack's Rapid Fire Questions

00:45:07 What is your favourite team?
00:47:12 Do you play FIFA?
00:47:40 Do you have a nickname?
00:48:09 Do you have a hobby?
00:48:47 What is your favourite movie?
00:49:05 What is your favourite book?
00:49:38 Favourite board game?
00:49:53 What soccer boots do you wear?
00:50:30 What is one thing people don’t know about you, that they would be surprised to know?
00:51:33 3 words to define you?
00:52:22 What are your goals for the future?

Did you enjoy the interview with Omar Kreim? Letus know in the comments.

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