Shamit Shome Interview

Hi All, Jack here, and today CPLFever has released its most recent interview with former Montreal Impact player and current FC Edmonton player Shamit Shome! has released its most recent interview with former Montreal Impact player, and current FC Edmonton player, Shamit Shome!

Shamit has done really well at Montreal Impact playing there for 4 seasons and making regular appearances.

Interview Highlights

When we talked with Shamit, we dove into his past experiences with FC Edmonton, his time with the Alberta Golden Bears, what it was like to play in the MLS, his game style, his call up to the National team, the CPL and getting signed by FC Edmonton.

Thinking back on the interview, one main thing that stood out for me was Shamit's mindset. When I talked with him I could tell how disciplined his mindset was and how focused he is on his goals – his work ethic, and consistency definitely match his desires. Imagine that as he played professional soccer, he also managed to get an engineering degree!

Move To FC Edmonton

With is most recent move to the CPL, Shamit says that he is very excited to play under Alan Koch and is excited to be back in his hometown! There is nothing quite like playing for your home crowd and we know Shamit will bring a lot of energy and excitement with him when he starts playing with FC Edmonton.

We also have some fun with the Rapid Fire portion of the interview and get to know him on a more personal level!

Shamit Shome, is a true example of hardwork and discipline. Such an interesting and inspiring guy, with a great story to tell, this is an interview you won't want to miss!

Shamit Shome Interview Timestamp

0:00:25 How did you fall in love with soccer?
0:00:52 How old were you when you started putting in the extra work?
0:01:36 What was the FC Edmonton Academy like?
0:02:12 Tell us about your first goal in the MLS?
0:03:31 What is your biggest strength in your game – have you always been a midfielder?
0:04:10 Who do you try to emulate your game after?
0:05:09 Favourite formation to play?
0:05:45 Tell us about when you were drafted into the MLS Super Draft, second round?
0:07:00 What were your thoughts about going into the MLS system?
0:07:37 Is it more difficult for Canadians in the MLS?
0:08:37 What did you learn from Thierry Henry
0:09:32 Did he ever play with you on the field?
0:10:15 How was MLS Is Back Tournament?
0:10:52 Who will you miss the most from the Montreal Impact?
0:11:38 You’re going back to Edmonton, how did FC Edmonton?
0:13:36 Where did you think Edmonton underperformed?
0:15:13 Favourite thing about FC Edmonton now and before?
0:16:03 Are you used to the travel?
0:17:59 Tell us about getting a cap with the Canadian Men’s National Team?
0:18:29 Are you eligible to play for Bangladesh?
0:19:20 Mindset discussion.
0:21:19 Do you follow a specific diet?
0:21:44 Mindset of a professional footballer.
0:22:26 What did you do specifically to improve yourself?
0:23:52 Do you have a quote to live by?
0:24:17 Do you do follow personal development?
0:25:22 Visualization
0:25:51 When do you start practicing with Edmonton?
0:26:34 What drill really helped you?
0:27:22 When did you start working on your weak foot?
0:28:25 When did you start playing with your head up?
0:29:33 Did you play Futsal?
0:30:35 Biggest advice to give a young person trying to go pro?
0:31:49 How important is a good mindset/attitude for coaches and agents?
0:32:42 Do you do yoga?
0:33:43 What is some of the best advice a coach has given you?
0:34:45 Rapid Fire Questions

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